So I sorta made a bag…in a tutorial

Dress form on canvas bag
So I (Yvonne)  finally “made” a bag! Well, sort of anyway…[insert sheepish grin]….the bag was bought at the local dollar store [cheaper than if I were to buy fabric and sew my own bag!]. Technically speaking, I merely decorated a bag…*LOL*
Lo and behold…I made a tutorial of the entire process…*High fives all around*
I started with this canvas “dress” which I stared at for a good minute. Who would wear such an unflattering shapeless dress right? *LOL*

Maybe all it needs is a little colour? Mist to the rescue!!!

And maybe some embellishments? I pour out the contents of my fave Gauche Alchemy Pink Parts Mixed Media Color Kit….

Added a little design on my dress using the punchinella as a mask and distress ink (fired brick).
I pleated and handstitched a little tulle….
Added some trim and beads…. [okay I forgot to take photos in-between]
I cut some felt for the stand and just glued the entire piece to the bag using fabric glue. I’m passing it off as a baby girl’s dress form…*LOL*

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2 Responses

  1. That’s gorgeous – I love how you’ve used canvas as the base and gone to town with the inks and the punchinella – genius!

  2. I’ve said it before…but still want to say it again!!…This is too cute…hugs…xoxo

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