Ninja in a Box!

Hi all, Carmen here 🙂
One of my top tips ever is to forage. Forage through charity/thrift shops, forage while out walking – you never know what some unsuspecting fool has dropped that you can use to create ART dahlings… but most of all – if you have children, encourage them to have regular clean-outs of their bedroom and then forage for all your worth through the resulting sacks before they are taken to the dump or donated.
I rescued one of those little jewellery boxes in one such foraging expedition recently, you know, one of the ones with the twirly Barbie ballerinas. I swear I took “before” pictures but can I find them now? No. Just try to imagine what I mean.
The box is covered on the outside with some grungy paper I had and also loads of acrylic paint. The bits and bobs are from the Nevermore add-on kit – I love that the key says ‘Presto’ on it as in Hey Presto the box shall now open.
The inside is covered in my favourite papers ever, DCWV Once Upon A Time…and more paint.
The workings were deliberately left uncovered as personally, I love seeing all that and how it all works.

The person I made this for is famous for her ninja hugs so hence this little fella. Aren’t those hearts amazing? They aren’t real sweeties!

He was purchased from my very favourite Etsy seller who also very kindly adjusted him so he had a hole up his bottom (*Ahem!*) Once I had lopped Barbie off of her spring I just had to pop some glue in the hole (I used wood glue, it is brilliant for a multitude of things) and put him on the spring – leaving him to dry overnight.
And just as a final touch – check out what the song is that plays – You’ve Got A Friend.
Foraging expedition… A Success!
If you enjoyed this project and would like the chance to win one of those gorgeous ninja’s then feel free to stop by this post on my personal blog 🙂

10 Responses

  1. This is absolutely FABULOUS! What a GREAT idea and creation!

  2. How creative! If only more people took the time to repurpose items destined for the landfill, because it would not only make our world a more beautiful place, but also a less polluted place!

  3. This is brilliant – perfect for your ninja-hugging friend!


  4. Brilliant project Carmen. My DD is so gonna nag to me to make something like this for her!! BIG NINJA fan 🙂 xx

  5. hehe, you turd, that is so freakin’ awesome.

    love that you had his butt custom fitted for a hole….

  6. Totally perfect.. it’s great.. and the ninja is sooo it.. very creative idea…

  7. Love the ninja box, your ideas are always so original! x

  8.!!!! I love the ninja:)

  9. You’ve got to look out for those Ninjas with holes, carmen. They are the really scary ones.

  10. oh my gosh….I LOVE IT!!

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