Laras Grunge Keepsake Box

Lara here! It’s been a looooooooooooonnnnggggg time since I’ve been around these parts!
I’ve come today with a memory box i made for a friend to store his letters and postcards and things he picks up along his many travels.

The outer cover is matte board covered with sheet music from the Wholey Sheet Mixed Media kit, sewing pattern that many a Gauche kit comes wrapped in, Golden Soft Gel Matte and acrylic paint drips, splatters and stamps.

I also used different Golden Mediums mixed with Black Gesso to create additional texture like Coarse Pumice Gel and Heavy Molding Paste. This made it easier to nestle little pieces of things onto the piece. The Molding Paste holds the heavy stuff like a champ!

The cover i am pretty proud of. Its alot of things from my stash of garage sale finds, trash picked up from streets, junk drawers and, of course, Gauche Alchemy Mixed Media ephemera – most notably the Black Out Mixed Media Kit.

One of the most awesome things i’ve heard in awhile came from a co-worker i was showing this box too. She asked me about the glasses on it and if they were mine. I told her i had picked them up in the parking lot of a grocery store and had been saving them for the perfect arty use. She said “you’re the only person i know who sees art in trash.” Somehow… someday… that should be my autobiography title!

The cover opens to show the actual box which is made of handmade paper i picked up at the Scrapbox Creative Recycling in Ann Arbor for $1 – that place is AMAZING – if you live in Southeast Michigan and you like to craft you MUST go!

Some traditional scrapbook epherema mixed with trash – how awesome is that?! The film strip is from the Gauche Alchemy Black Out Mixed Media Kit.

2 Responses

  1. Very impressive! Thanks for sharing so many detailed photos…it’s great fun to study the pictures and see all of the different items you added to the project! I’m inspired to use paint-spatter on my next piece!

  2. wow…this is cool!

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