Drawing Carmen

Hi all, Carmen here.
I’ve really been getting back into my drawing of late. I used to never be without pencil in hand but in my late teens it all kind of dropped off for one reason or another. Over the last year or so I’ve been rediscovering my love of drawing and painting… but blimey am I rusty.
My top tip this week is to practice, practice, practice. And my trick? Classes – I’m addicted to them, but we all know if the pennies are short – it can be frustrating. So I’d like to introduce you to an amazing  Ning website. A lot of you will already know her but many of you wont – Tam of Willowing.  Not only does she run some pretty amazing pay for classes but she runs this free one that really is on a par with any paid one you will find out there.
The Heart of Art (Second one down)   is the class and honestly, in brushing up my drawing skills and learning new techniques – I’ve found it invaluable. It’s also a very good marketing tool, you take the class and you think “blimey if the free one is this good – what will the paid for ones be like…” and the answer is awesome! I’m currently also half way through her Magical Mythical Makings class (or M3)
If you think you can’t draw – think again. Tam is of the same belief as me – that anyone can draw and she will show you how. It also doesn’t matter if you are into pretty or grungy – it’s all adaptable to your personal self. The fab thing is that I keep coming back to that free class  and using it in other projects too. This is a sketchbook page for a travelling journal I’m taking part in – the page is an introduction to yourself… I’m loving using mixed media and drawing and mixing painting with a comic book style…
Why not check out Tam’s blog as well as that free (FREE!) class – you wont regret it.
Thanks for stopping by everyone 🙂

4 Responses

  1. So glad to see Tam get a mention – she’s got such a big heart and huge talent!

  2. Hi Carmen! Many thanks for blogging about me and the AHH course! I deeply appreciate it. Feeling very happy reading how much the course has inspired you. Yay! Big hugs!!! Love, Tam xoxox

  3. Love what you are doing! Why do I leave my art journal alone so often…thanks for reminding me to pick it back up!

  4. In all honesty, that free class I took with Tam has changed my arty life so much, for the better. I shall be forever grateful to her! Your spread is awesome!

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