Old book paper and a challenge winner!

Hello there Gauchites! It’s Yvonne here! April has been been such a crazy month!

There’s something alluring about old book papers to me…especially when the text is in some foreign language that I can’t read…*winks*

Sometimes I like to just crush it a little and use it as an interesting mat on a layout.

Good morning

Or use it to create a textured backdrop in a mixed media piece.

I am me

Fancy some old book paper? Foreign text for mixed media art and collage.


A big thank you to those who played along with our guest designer Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s challenge… the winner is….drumroll please…

Nicole Maki with this stunning mixed media piece!

Congratulations Nicole! 🙂


3 Responses

  1. Oh my gosh is that LO ever luscious and I love the hot ait balloon art – such a great message.

    Thanks so much to Julie and to everyone at GA for inspiring me to make this pieces.

    It was a blast!

  2. As always am a good few minutes looking at all the details in your work Yvonne – just lovely.

    Congratulations Nikole 😀

  3. always love Nicole and Yvonne’s work. Great job!

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