Carmen’s Canvas

Hi everyone, Carmen here again 🙂
This is a little canvas I made using one of my favourite materials to create the background… yeah, you know what it is… PUNCHINELLA. I just love the variety pack of Punchinella because there really is such a variety (clue’s in the name I guess *g*) of shapes and sizes in there. My favourite I think is the large circles.

I first scraped some contrasting acrylic paint over the base and sides of the canvas. Then randomly dabbed paint through different sized Punchinella making sure to flip each time and press down, this not only uses up the excess paint – no wastage, it also creates a nice negative effect stamp of the Punchinella.

When that was dry I used a favourite stamp and some black acrylic to stamp around the edges, again leaving to dry. Then brayered some white acrylic across the front and sides.
The bird and heart is from a scrap of Marah Johnson paper I’ve been saving for ages and ages, raised on foam pads. I just used a little bit of gold string to join the two together.
To finish and protect the canvas the entire thing is covered in a couple of coats of Liquitex gloss varnish.
Thanks for stopping by 🙂

6 Responses

  1. stunning, just stunning

  2. Fab work. Isn’t it funny I’ve always known “punchenella” as sequin waste – shall hence forth use the posh name for it 🙂

  3. Don’t worry – I did too till this lot re-educated me 😉

  4. too cool Punchenella.. will have to look for some of this.. lol it’s so pretty.. love it…

  5. Loving this canvas Carmen. Really love the way you have created depth and layers, fab! x

  6. That’s really cool. Getting ready to do some canvas and will use this great technique!

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