A Ruby Tiara…

Hello everyone, Carmen here again. Introducing a guest blogger – I think we should keep our eyes on this emerging talent 😉
Hello everyone my name is Ruby and I am 3. It was the Royal Wedding last week and we had a competition at school where the boys had to make a crown and the girls made a tiara. We wore them to a class party and pretended to be prince and princesses.
Mummy made me a cardboard tiara and covered it in paper for me. Then she said I could look in her stash to decorate it.
I used a whole packet of sticky ribbons – Mummy was so pleased!
Then I found a bag that had purple gems and butterflies and beads  and another with lots of green gems I stuck them all on and used Glossy Accents to stick on the stuff that wasn’t sticky, Mummy was so pleased that I had used so much, she had tears in her eyes.
At the end of the day when they gave out the prizes my tiara won the girls competition and I got a big box of fudge with a picture of the real Royal couple on the front. Mummy was even more pleased then 🙂
Bye bye x x x

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  1. LOVE it Ruby!!!

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