Family Name Canvas

Steph here, to wish you a  Happy first Thursday of the Month, dear readers – and Happy Cinco De Mayo, too!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner (at least here in North America, anyway), we’re devoting this entire month to all things ‘mom’.  My project today was inspired by the map that came in my Wholey Sheet Kit – and the fact that my mother is extremely hard to shop for!  (Is your mother like that?)

My mother’s side of the family is Maltese; of the 5 children, only the two youngest were born in Canada (my mom’s the baby).  I don’t know if perhaps knowledge of Malta is more mainstream overseas, but I do know that most people over here have never heard of it before…. and often, because it’s such a tiny little island, it doesn’t even show up on the average map – which is why I was so very excited to find it on the piece of map that had been sent my way!

I punched a 2″ circle (with a 1.5″ centre) from Ouchless Cardboard, then added this super fun bling to really accent the tiny little island on the bottom of the map piece.  Considering this is for my mom after all, there had to be bling incorporated into the project!

Next, since the original map had a blow up of not-Malta in the bottom left hand corner, I went online & found my own more detailed map; printed that on photo paper, and edged  with a scallop border diecut from more Ouchless Cardboard!

Here`s where it starts getting really interesting!  First, I dug the appropriate 2, 5 & 7 playing cards out of my Mixed Media Colour Kit stash, as well two extras that I loved the backs of, and created my mathmatical equation (2 parents + 5 kids = family of 7); I doodled a bit on the cards, and was going for more of a `Maltese Cross` sort of look for the `+` sign; it ain`t perfect, but it works!  Next, I layered on a doily from the Wedding Night White Mixed Media Colour Kit, followed by another circle punched from Ouchless Cardboard.  Then I threw on a piece of cardboard that backed a deck of playing cards I already had in my stash, and a piece of cork out of the Wholey Sheet Kit.  I then got back on the computer & printed out my mother`s family name, and the family Crest; I went “Polaroid Style` on the crest, and adhered more bling along the bottom of that, as well as on the top left corner of the name placard.  Finally, I also tucked another punched Ouchless Cardboard circle under the bottom left corner of the name piece, just to “round things outs” (pun intended… just smile & nod.  LOL!)

 The ALMOST finished piece…

I originally had left the top left corner open, in the intention of placing a family photo there – however, I was informed that because of the age gap between the children (my mom’s eldest sister was married the day after my mother was born…) there had never actually been a family photo taken.   Plan B is to track down a photo of Nana & Papa, and a photo of the siblings (in keeping with the 2 + 5 idea) and Plan C is to use 5 adult silhouettes, but instead of the silhouettes being all black, I was planning on filling each respective silhouette with the appropriate family member`s full name repeatedly.  (Plan C is the most likely route… and I`m working on that in the background as I type this! LOL!)

I`ll pop back with the finished silhouettes when I have them completed… until then,

remember, if you`re into the Coronas & Margaritas, stay out of the car!


3 Responses

  1. This is a fabulous gift…I’m sure your mom will be delighted when she receives it!

  2. Lovely work, Steph! I’m sure your mom will be touched.

  3. Awesome work Steph! Your Mom will love this.

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