Yvonne and her ‘chic’ bones!

Sometimes it can stressful being the sole memory keeper in the family. I have to take current photos of my nephews and document their stories so that their grandma (my mother) can brag when her friends come over. I also have to scrap photos of family before my time so that I have living relatives to ask about the details.

Do you have the same problem?

Oh well, sometimes I just want to be a little narcissistic and just scrapbook about me and my ‘chic’bones…thanks mum! 🙂

Chic bones

I used the plastic mesh frame from the Wholey Sheet Kit  as a mask and misted several colors taking the colors from the Webster’s Pages patterned paper.

The white cardstock was textured (swiss dots) so you get a really cool textured effect.

Have a great week ahead Gauchites…Yvonne signing off….


3 Responses

  1. Love them chicbones! That plastic mesh worked GREAT! I will def. have to try that!

  2. Is that paper? Where did you get it? The paper with the cars and the dress dummies and phones. That is an awesome layout. Very inspiring. Thanks.

  3. pretty one Yvonne…. I love this a ton!!! hugs…xoxo

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