Incorporating lace into your projects by Julia Stainton

Lace, lace, lace.

I’m loving it!

This month when I opened up my Gauche Alchemy box of goodies, the first thing I saw was the amazing strips of beautiful lace. I gasped.

Lace can be used in so many different ways. It’s great as an accent, to add texture, color. How about all three?

For this layout I wanted the lace to take center stage so I’ve used the large lace strips in the same way I would use patterned paper. It’s adhered in large panels as background layers. Isn’t the texture amazing?

Lace is easy to adhere with a strong dry or wet adhesive. If you sew, stitching is a great way to secure it and add to the fabric look.

Lace can also be used as an applique style accent. When lace has a strong motif in the design, you can cut out a flower and adhere it with your embellishments. Repeating a lace element in a design, helps tie it together.

Last week I talked about using vintage papers in your projects. Here’s another great way to use them. I’ve created a couple rolled flowers from a sheet of music included in my kit. They are super easy and fun to make.

Happy creating!  Julia Stainton

Julia used our Lace Variety Pack and Blue Streak Mixed Media Color Kit to create these fabulous layouts!


4 Responses

  1. Love using lace in projects…thanks for showing us its elegance and versatility!

  2. Beautiful work! =)

  3. Such a pretty project!!

  4. Love the lace and the flowers!

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