Making the most of little time and little money….

Time and money aren’t things I have had a lot of lately.  Sometimes starting large projects right now can be overwhelming, so I am getting lots of little things done.
I was in need of some ribbon/edging for a project so I took out my faithful Martha Stewart edge punch and my wallpaper samples…

and came up with my own.  It really makes you look at the wall paper differently when you see the edges all “perty”


Then I realized I needed some red Alphas for a layout about my daughters…and didn’t have any.  So I pulled out some of the cool red plastic embroidery stuff

 ….and made my own.  I made them the exact size I needed them and worked on adding some fun GA stuff between calls at work .

 And….the dreaded first of the month is coming up.  You know…it is much easier sending out bills in pretty envelopes.  I also had some personal mail to send out.  I grabbed a dollar store box of security envelopes and used the butterfly stamp that came in my Nature Calls kit, borrowed some of my daughter’s colored pencils…..



Have a great weekend, everyone!
– Kas


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  1. Love those ideas …thankyou for sharing

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