Want a piece of Gauche?

We are tossing around the idea of offering aprons on our ArtFire shop.  It all started with the idea to send aprons to our new videographers, for them to wear in their videos.  Then the other team members got jealous, so we couldn’t leave them out.  We hit on the idea of using our new business cards as the design for the aprons as well.  And they came out pretty nice… keep an eye out for our team to be wearing them, showing them off.


We have a question for you: would you like an apron?  Here are the 5 designs we will offer if we decide to move forward with this idea (You’ll also get one of these designs in your orders, too!)  Would you buy one?  If so, how much would you be willing to spend?  And which one is your favorite?  Of course, you could get one with just the logo on it, too… tell us what you think!







14 Responses

  1. Hahahaha – Here I thought this was going to be an easy choice! But nooooooo!!! They are all kind of great.but I did narrow it down to lighting farts & please-bitch attitude!! I like aprons that make a statement and it would be something I would consider purchasing but free with an order is awesome too!

  2. I would buy the farts apron in a second! I can almost picture me and my husband in the exact same position! I love ’em.

    I would probably pay around the same as I would for a T-shirt. My mom would kill me if I said a dollar amount out loud!

  3. love number 4, no idea on what to pay in us dollar

  4. I think they are so Unique and lovely!!But ofcourseeeeee the BITCH one is my absolute favorite!!

  5. Oh I so MUST have the Please Bitch one!!!! Yes, definitely! 🙂

  6. As one of the jealous teamies who sat in a corner and sulked, you KNOW how much I love them *g* Favoritspot – 4 was my favourite too – it just makes me laugh so much when I see it, they all do but that one in particular 😀

  7. I love the Best First Date one, these are going to be awesome, would love to see them in the store!

  8. yep! I want one!!! and I am a bitch,,, so therefore,, I need to advertise it!!

  9. Speaking of t-shirts, I want an apron AND a t-shirt. lol.

    The designs are awesome, you amazing girls you. Sorry, would have no idea how much to price it as well, but I agree with Trish. I’d probably pay the same for a t-shirt.

    I love the first, err, second, err, and the last one. Sorry, too hard to choose just one. =)

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  11. I’m getting the ‘bitch please’ one! It’s absolutely befitting for my sweet and innocent personality! *wink* I think it would be awesoooome to offer them in the sto’!

  12. ohhh it’s gotta be the bitch one!

  13. hi guys……the fart one and the guy laughing, it makes me smile. i have no clue as to whatt would be considered realistic in pricing.

  14. LOVE the Bitch one…my totally favorite one 100%

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