Gauche Alchemy is Such a Tease

Hi everyone!

Maggi here to share some teasers for the relaunch of Gauche Alchemy!

You’ve already met our new team of Gauche Alchemists and they’re currently behind the scenes furiously creating some awesome somethings for you using all things Gauche!

“Pardon our dust, we’re busy being Gauche!”
(Image Source)

In the meantime, Gauche Alchemy is coming up on their 3rd anniversary and we’ve decided to celebrate by giving you the gifts! We’ve got some great events and prizes coming your way and what better way to whet your Gauche appetite than by teasing you? (Like any good girl would do. :P)

We’re going to be tying one on here at Gauche Alchemy to celebrate 3 years of awesomeness and we don’t like to drink alone (especially virtually!) We’ve got giveaways, Alchemist spotlights, contests, blinkies to Gauche up your blog, new kits and a whole “retrospectacus” type post to let you in on the beginnings of GA and what makes our Gauchie mamas…well…gauche! 😀

Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!


Want to know what else is brewing at Gauche Alchemy?

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4 Responses

  1. Very very cool!!! Looking forward to all this fun!!

  2. I used to have that exact same bunny pin! can’t wait for the new posts! (o;

  3. Cant wait to see the new stuff!!

  4. testing with my wordpress account.

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