Gauche Alchemy Peep Show

Hi everyone!

Maggi here with some more sneaky peekys to whet your appetite for the Gauche Alchemy birthday celebration relaunch extravaganza on 9/1! Our Alchemists have been working hard to bring you some amazing creations in September.

Some things are sweet and some things…well…not so much but they are all drowning in Gauche.

Now, since I write the posts that make the whole world read, I’ve seen all of these projects in their Gauche-y glory and yes…they are glorious.

GA is celebrating their birthday on 9/1 and I’m really looking forward to sharing the new design team’s talent with you!

We have a ROCKIN’ guest designer for September and I cannot WAIT to introduce them to you. You are going to spit booze (or whatever tasty beverage you enjoy while surfing the web) all over your computer monitor when you see what they’ve created with our goodies. But that’s all I can say. No more for you, naughty one, until next month. Nope, don’t try to bribe me, I’ve promised to wait until September and that’s what I mean to do…Come now…don’t pout! …

Oh what hell, here’s a sneak peek from September’s guest designer!

Oh yeah baby! September’s shaping up to be the best birthday month ever! We’ll be celebrating all week with posts out the ying yang. There will be a prize here and if you’re savvy enough to hang with us on our Facebook page, you’ll see even more awesome Gauche stuff to win!

Now help us celebrate GA’s birthday by gluing something awesome onto some awesome something! (And when you’re done, upload it to our Flickr group or Facebook page!)


2 Responses

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  2. Very Very EXCITING!! and that sneak peak from the designer..ooh la la!! Hugs,Cat

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