Gauche Alchemy Puts Out

Hello all my darling Gauche-ites! Maggi here with some more teasers for you! This time I’m teasing up some schwag (read: super awesome happy fun time prizes) that will be up for grabs all during the month of September!

Believe me, you do NOT want to miss out on these nifty giftys. We’ve got kits big and small, new kits, classic Gauche kits, color kits and some AWESOME found objects, straight from the Gauche Mamas clutches. (I’m currently planning my disguise as I want to win me some stuff. :P)

Alas, I can’t win anything being that I’m underground at Gauche Alchemy Headquarters, *pause for tears of pity* but that works out for YOU because YOU will have TONS of chances to win:


Or maybe this...

Could be something to do with this...

A dash of this...

Some sort of mega gigantic prize like this...

Listen, this isn’t even HALF of what we’re giving away in September. You might even win one of our Alchemists! Okay, that last part was a goof but seriously, we’ve giving away so much stuff starting this Friday, September 2nd that I can’t even think straight.

We’re going to have a contest for you crafty (digital and handy) types, a contest for those of you letting your Gauche flag fly on your blog, something nuts will be going on on our Facebook page and for you lazy folks, we’ll be giving you a chance to win something just for leaving a comment. How sweet are we???

In conclusion, we are awesome. You are awesome. We are giving away awesome somethings that you can use to glue onto some awesome something.


See you in September!


5 Responses

  1. Want. All of it. Can’t wait to see the new stuff!

  2. Love it all.. can’t wait to see it all….. I”m so in! hugs bonitarose in Fargo

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  4. Oooh – can’t wait. I want it all in duplicate too!

  5. Goodies goodies goodies everywhere!!!!!!!!!! love love love

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