Playing Post Office with Dina

Hi everyone!

Maggi here to show off 2 of the projects that our guest designer for September, Dina Wakley made with our Going Postal Mail Art Mixed Media Kit. We are so lucky to have Dina playing with our new kit this month!  She’s really made some amazing creations with our kit and here is just two of them:

First up, this awesome collaged envelope:

Dina says: “I love manila envelopes! I created a funky collage on top of the envelope using bits and pieces from the vintage papers in the kit. I used gel medium (matte) to stick it all down, and to seal the top of the collage.”

“I couldn’t resist adding some pen outlining to the female figures…they seemed like they were getting lost among the business of the collage. The outlining helps them stand out a bit better.”

The pen outlining is such a great tip! Too many times I’ve had elements fade into the background and using a pen outline to bring them forward in the piece is such a simple but effective technique.

Dina also made this super cool altered envelope:

Dina says: “I used some of the vintage papers in the kit to completely cover one of the large white envelopes. I did a funky collage on the front, and added strips so I could write in an address. I’m going to fill this with something fun (maybe confetti?) and mail it to a friend.”

This is what I love about mail art. Not only does the person you’re sending it to get a rockin’ piece of art but you know that the guys at the post office must stop and stare when they see cool stuff like this.

So, didn’t I tell you Dina was awesome? There’s more to come from Dina this month, we’re only getting started! And here’s a heads up for ya: Watch the blog tomorrow for another birthday giveaway!

Now, visit Dina, then go get our Going Postal Kit and THEN go glue something awesome onto some awesome something! 😀


9 Responses

  1. wow… just fabulous… such great stuff.. Dina rocks!

  2. Wow! I’ve been a HUGE fan of Dina’s for eons and seeing her work with GA just tickles me pink.

    Great job! Great kit!

  3. Fantastic work, Dina! I absolutely LOVE what you did with those envelopes. I definitely think the confetti idea would be AWESOME!

  4. […] brand new Going Postal Mail Art Mixed Media Kit and our mini kit Please Mr. Postman. Yesterday we Played Post Office with our guest designer Dina Wakley and today you have a chance to go postal on your projects with […]

  5. Whomever gets those in the mail is a lucky, lucky SOB. 😉

  6. Abosulety gorgeous projects!!!Dina yo rawk!

  7. These made ME chuckle with delight so imagine getting to see them in real life. Love the thought of being half awake, opening your mail and having a load of confetti land in my cornflakes. The evil side of me is storing this away for future reference. Oh the fun that could be had!

  8. WOW,gorgeous projects by Dina!Love them 🙂

  9. Dina these are AWESOME! the outlining of the ladies I love, the sheer collageness of it I love. Inspiring is not a strong enough word 🙂 x

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