Chrissy’s Britchin’ Mini Album

Hi, Michelle here!

The new design team is furiously creating wonderful things to fascinate and inspire you. Today I have the privilege to show off Chrissy’s fantastically unique blue jean pocket mini album!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw it. It’s such a simple and wonderful idea! Have some denim that’s just too tired to hand over to Goodwill? Don’t just throw it out! Scissor it up and refashion it into something useful!

As Chrissy tells it: “I was hacking up a pair of jeans because I want to make my own denim flowers and pleated trims and such and I had actually thrown them away. About 3.7 seconds later it occurred to me that the pockets would be really awesome on a page or something. Well, after I cut all of the pockets off and had them in a stack, I saw my mini! I really liked the idea and it was WAY more fun than a traditional chipboard mini. I even busted out the ol’ sewing machine!”

This simple twist on the chipboard mini goes right along with the current denim trend in the scrap industry. I especially love the punchinella border and the pom-pom trim around the “So Tweet” page. Chrissy got maximum display impact for her already wonderful photos and really brought home the idea of a fun and carefree summer family outing.

Chrissy used our Lace Ribbon Variety Pack along with some Punchinella.

She also used pieces from our Envy, Blue Streak and Lady MarmeladeMixed Media Color Kits.

So what’s your summer story? Have a unique take on the mini book? Does it feature Gauche Alchemy products? Leave a comment below and let us in on that action! Or even better, upload your projects to the Gauche Alchemy Flickr group!

MuChOs SmOoChEs!


9 Responses

  1. Very fun idea!!! Love the upcycling 🙂

  2. Is commenting on your own writing like hitting the “like” button on facebook for your own update? LOVE this album Chrissy!

  3. This is fabulous!!!!

  4. I love the idea of using old jeans to make an album, so cool!

  5. these pockets look so good! and the colours – my oh my!

  6. so cool!! thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. brilliant idea 😀 Love all that texture going on – so much to see!

  8. This is an amazing project – I totally love it!
    It’s fun, edgy and FABULOUS!

  9. […] Here are a couple of quick Instagram shots I took- I don’t want to preview the entire magazine layout because I want to give you an incentive to go check the magazine out! (Well, you should, you know – cuz the book is full of inspiration, but here’s a secret: Chrissy originally made this album for US here at GA… and the original post revealing it is HERE.) […]

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