Ngaire’s Mixed Media Goodness

Hey schweeties!

Ngaire here again with a quick share of a canvasy thingie I made.

now what could this be..?

This actually started life as a blank canvas covered in some left over fabric.( I modpodged it onto the canvas.) I added some paper napkin strips, and a frill of vintage paper.

say it straight.. say it sweet.

I made some yoyos from scraps of fabric ( I make them the cheats way, have you ever tried making them? Do it! very addictive!.. SO simple and easy!)


Used some black thread in my old sewing machine and sewed on some ( very specific) letters, (I cut out by hand) Some felt hearts, buttons, lace flowers and beads from the colour kits.

mmmm pretty...:)

I made some bunting from vintage book pages and added a layer of glossy accents to each flag. More beady goodness.. and a broken brooch. ( glued on with said glossy accents.)

beads and a broken birdie brooch. ( say that three times fast)

Slap on a bit of muslin, some buttons and lace… and Bob is your uncle. ( unless of course, your uncle’s name is Steve… or JimBob.. or Fabian.)

Back Soon!


4 Responses

  1. awesome work Ngaire 🙂 love the broken birdie brooch – so sweet against the not-so-sweet meaning behind the letters 😀 x

  2. Great details! I love the felt hearts and yo-yos! Great texture from the lace too.

  3. LOL! I *JUST* got what the letters mean! SloooOOOOooow! Love the flowers and all of the fun little goodies you used! So cute!

  4. just gorgeous!!! i need to get a sewing machine 🙂 🙂

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