Dina Wakley’s Purse Book and Collage Technique

Hi everyone!

Maggi here to show off yet another fantastic creation that our guest designer for September, Dina Wakley made with our Going Postal Mail Art Mixed Media Kit. This week I’m excited to show you Dina’s purse book!

I love this project because it uses a fun technique AND becomes something that you can take with you everyday! Dina explains: When I get old vintage papers, I like to make my own collage sheet out of them. I tear the papers into pieces and grab a 9×12 sheet of watercolor paper, gel medium, and a palette knife. I stick the papers on randomly until the entire sheet is covered. When the gel is dry, I did some random sewing all over it. Then I cut up the sheet into hearts, circles, and other shapes and use them in my art.

The hearts in this little purse book come from that sheet of collage. The cover of the book is simply fabric from the kit. This would be fun to throw in your purse & make notes in when inspiration strikes.

Great technique Dina and using this as a purse book is perfect, I’m always makings lists and jotting down ideas. I definitely need one of these in my bag! Next week will be Dina’s last week with us as a guest designer. *sniff sniff* We are so going to miss her! Her projects have been so cool and I can’t wait for you to see what she’s got for you next week so stay tuned!

Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!

Maggi 😀

6 Responses

  1. What a fantastic idea, Dina! I have several vintage papers in my stash. I will definitely try to make a collage sheet. Cute little purse book too. Love how it turned out.

  2. Beautiful collage ideas !!!!

  3. so so so cool!!!

  4. Love these ideas!

  5. Just gorgeous – love that big heart on the front!

  6. You are the master, Dina. We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy! 😉

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