Our Halloween Color Kit is Back from the Dead!

Hi everyone!

Maggi here to announce the return of Gauche Alchemy’s Limited Edition Halloween Mixed Media Color Kit!

Isn’t it so very creepy cool??? Every year around this time, limited edition colors kit start sneaking their way into the store, I just love it!

This terrifyingly awesome kit combines our Black Out and Lady Marmelade Mixed Media Color Kits, throws in some spooky flair and brings even your most scary project back from the dead!

The price for this kit is $14.00 which includes free shipping to the US and Canada. As with all of our color kits and found objects in general, contents of each kit will vary, no two are the same!

Get them while you can because when they’re gone, they’re gone forever! Do you hear me??? FOREVER!!!! *maniacal laughter* Okay, actually they’ll just be gone till next October so seriously, get them before they’re gone!

Now go glue something creepy on to some creepy something!

Maggi 😀


2 Responses

  1. Oh my word. Complete kit LOVE!

  2. […] Our Halloween Color Kit is Back from the Dead! « Gauche Alchemy. […]

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