Amy’s altered vintage recipe tin

Howdy pardners.  I have to admit that it’s been a long time since I completed a project, so this was extra fun for me.  I decided to make over a vintage recipe tin for a friend of mine.  It will be presented to him shortly as a birthday gift.  The wolf is a special animal for him, so that drove my choice of motif.

I started out with a piece of sheet music (I believe it’s Bach – my friend is a musician, so I won’t be all that surprised if he takes a look and says, “Oh, I like that song.”  But it will still make me laugh if he does!).  I sprayed it with three different kinds of Glimmer Mist: first Coffee Shop, then Tiger Lily, then Merlot.  Waited for that to dry, then cut the sheet down to 8.5×11″ and ran it through my printer to add the wolf image to it.

Next step was twisting my husband’s arm to drill a hole in the front of the box to add this gorgeous knob I found in Michael’s dollar section a few days ago.  (For the record, I am capable of drilling a hole myself, but I didn’t particularly want to, and my husband is a sweetie pie.)

Once the paper was misted, dried and printed, I attached it to the box with Inkssentials Glossy Accents.  (Has anyone ever figured out how to glue paper to a hard surface without it bubbling up?  It always does a little bit for me, but if I use a ruler or bone folder and do my best to keep the glue layer thin and work out air bubbles, it seems to be barely noticeable by the time the project dries.) Afterwards, I took a cheapie paintbrush with thick bristles and brushed on more Glossy Accents to seal the paper on top and give it a varnished look with visible brush strokes.

Next, I lined the inside of the box with a fabric remnant – just put a dot of glue in each of the four corners and laid the fabric inside.

I was going to finish the box with some Bazzill Bling cardstock, but it didn’t look quite right.  I ended up using thin kraft paper from our packing supplies (yes, this is the same paper your kits come wrapped in when you order from our ArtFire shop!).  However, since the paper is so thin, and I wanted it to look smooth rather than wrinkled I decided to only adhere it to the box at the edges and corners.  (You can see a little bit of Glossy Accents there along the upper edges.) I cut one long piece to wrap around the entire box, pulled it tight, and folded the excess over the bottom of the box, adhering there, as well.

The bottom of the box, at that point, was only partially covered with glued-down flaps of paper.  I cut another piece of kraft paper and then adhered it over the entire bottom with Glossy Accents. Once that was done, I covered it with a couple coats of Glossy Accents to seal it (just in case it gets set down in something wet, perhaps this will protect it a little bit on the bottom, even though the sides are essentially just giftwrapped!).

You can see what I’m talking about with the wrinkling of the thin paper here.  This could have been a good look for the sides if that’s what I’d been going for – maybe I will make another one and emphasize the wrinkled paper by crumpling it before even gluing it onto the box.  It seems there are endless cool things to do with kraft paper…

Finishing touch (which my husband thought would ruin it but admitted later made it look especially cool) is the application of Turquoise Stickles to the eyes.  Just love those ice blue wolf eyes.  It’s subtle, but I think that’s why it works.  For some reason, it thrills me that a music note is placed just where the iris of the eye at the edge of the box should be.  It wasn’t purposeful – just a fateful accident.

Got any altered objects you want to share with us?  Upload ’em to our Flickr group!  We’d love to see them.

***ADDENDUM: Just had to hop back on and post that when I gave my friend the gift, he indeed DID say, “Bach – always been my favorite.”  Yup.  He knew the piece and the composer at a glance.  Glad I didn’t use the 2nd grade piano paper, after all.  ;)***


9 Responses

  1. So clever … love the wolf over printing …hard work paid off …result is an absolutely gorgeous box …hope it is LOVED by its recipient. xx

  2. loving it! so striking!

  3. How fun! Try a brayer by Speedball to prevent wrinkles. 🙂

  4. Such a great present for your friend, he’ll love it! I know the feeling of finishing projects, it’s such a great creative high!

  5. So gorgeous – that eye, definitely a brilliant move on your part! Love the whole thing!

  6. Love this box and those wolf eyes are absolutely riveting! You can’t help but just stare. I’m sure your friend will absolutely love it. I especially love that you blended wolf and music motifs. It’s a very ethereal vibe this project gives off, almost peaceful. Love it.

  7. Heather – oh, duh! I even have a Speedball brayer… AND I’ve used it for that purpose before. Don’t know how that escaped me! Thanks for the tip. *embarrassed ducking of my head*

  8. It’s even better in person! great job Amy!

  9. I think it looks fabulous Amy! I usually use gel medium to adhere the paper and then soothe out the wrinkles with an old credit card.

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