Hi and hello! Its lovely to meet you! By Ngaire Bartlam


I’m Ngaire ( pronounced Nigh-re) from Brisbane, Australia. Thats me, right there below….>

hey there!

I am a blogger  and crafty type, from way down the bottom of the globe.. fox and deer is my blog, if you care to go have a look!

fox and deer

I write  articles and create a project or two for the Aussie online magazine  Etzcetera and am now a part of the MOST fabulous Gauche Alchemy. I am well pleased.

I am also snarky, a little too much at times, I love a good titter, a smirk, a chortle, a belly laugh if you will. I am into art, don’t take myself too seriously, and love writing for my blog..

I make stuff. Like this:

vintage style crazy patchwork wrist cuff.

chunky junky necklette.


find your bliss embroidery .

You can see more here.

I am dangerously and daringly tattooed ( tough as anything, really .. I am..!!)  …with an armful of hello kitty and baby deers, and flowers, and fruit. ahem.

sleeve in progress.

You can see more here if you like?

I dye my hair a lot.. the brighter the better, I speak with an Aussie (pronounced   “ozzy”.. not  “AWEsee”) accent!! ( Hugely surprising as i was born and raised in Australia.), I love chocolate and have just started trying to get fit. I am also a noble peace prize winner,  elite pole jumper, have written two books, and love taking photos using iphone apps.****

random sample Instagram photo with Aussie outback feature.

Which are my fav. Gauche Alchemy products ? thank you for asking..  mmmm lots to choose from.. .Loving the wallpaper swatches, the paper napkins, and the nevermore paper kit.. as I do love Mr Poe.:)  The brand spanking new “going postal mixed media kit” also makes my heart skip a beat.

mmmm. postal-y goodness.

My favorite type of projects are the  silly ones, with as few rules as possible. where you can just let your mind go nuts!

Well it is super cool to meet you, i look forward to chatting again, and bringing you lots of Gauche Goodness. Until then I leave you with one of my favourite quotes.

Via Pinterest.

kiss kiss,



PS: ***** two of these sparkling reference additions may or may not be COMPLETELY* true.
* and by completely, I mean, not at all.

6 Responses

  1. Oooooo, I just love your creations! Your embroidery is gorgeous!

  2. You are too much fun! I love working with you, Miss Ngaire. And let me guess. The things that aren’t completely true are the tattoos and the Poe reference? 😉 {muah}

  3. Ngaire you. are. total. awesome. sauce!!! When I visit your part of the world I will be dropping by so I can learn to embroider from you. U gots mad needle skillz woman!!! So proud to be part of your team. That wrist cuff it to die for! (but I love the quilt even more)

  4. OMG – I love your quilting. The one in the newsletter, I tell you, I sat in awe looking at that for so lobg. Utterly loves it I does.

    Just gpot back from visiting your flickr stream, love all those pictures. MAkes me wish, wish, wish I had the guts but I’d never imagine anything as fabulous altogether as that sleeve!

  5. lobg – that’s awestruck gobbledygook for long. Obviously.

  6. …and gpot is gobblededygook (your words) for got, obviously Carmen! 😛 I agree Ngaire, silly is the only way to be! ☺ x

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