Messy scrappers UNITE!

Hello all, Michelle here!

I’m having a kid-free weekend! Wooo HOOO! Thanks Abuela T!!! I don’t quite know what to do with myself… Clean the scrap table? Sleep? Bang out a few projects? Get rrrromantic with the hubster??? Watch an interruption-free movie? Where to begin? WHERE to begin???

I wish I could say I did it all but let’s be real- Martha Stewart has a flock of toadies- I do not. So here I am writing- one of my favorite things EVER!

I also made THIS:

Fruit Punch Sunday using Gauche Alchemie's Ouchless Corrugated board in white and the Scarlet Fever Mixed Media Kit

Once again I am very happy it came together so quickly. I think I have an idea why- the elements in a Gauche Alchemy kit are not “precious”- ie- they are every day things wonderfully, whimsically combined in a way that let’s you play without worrying about being perfect. Let’s face it- perfection is for losers. That is, if you worry about perfection, you lose… your MIND.

Are you a messy imperfect scrapper? What am I talking about! Of course you are! That’s why you are here, no? Come let me give you a HUG!

hugging hugging hugging

It took a long time for me to accept and be at peace with my style. I like to scrap quickly and randomly (some say thoughtlessly). If there are glue marks on the page (the veritable “NO, IT’S BETTER… HERE!” moment) or if the tape stuck to the photo and left a mark, or if the machine sewn circle suddenly made 2 left turns and now looks distinctly rhombus-like (RHOMBUS? 8th grade algebra!!! See? You needed it!!!) scrapping with GA kits allows me to serenely side step those “MISTAKE!!! AAAARGH!! BEAT MY BRAIN ON THE DESK!!!!!!!!” moments.

The strip of red half circles is from the Scarlet kit packaging. Gotta use everything!

Here is our messy crafter manifesto
2. Color wheels make great frisbees!
3. When sewing, we will use the snarl left over in the machine’s feed dog in our projects and we will LOVE it!
4. When in doubt- glue it down!

In any case, since popular “scrapbooking” right now seems overly concerned with memory keeping, cuteness and color matching, it’s HARD to be a crazed, mess loving, art-for-art’s sake wench sometimes. OH OH Am I being controversial? Again?

Here are some of my personal inspiration touchstones- women who make amazing paper crafts and mixed media art:

Leeann Pierce 

Veronica “Vee” Jennings

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

And NATURALLY our own

Dina Wakely

GA, I thank my lucky stars for you and your white Ouchless corrugated board, your red Punchinella and your Scarlet Fever Red Mixed Media Color Kit!!!

Scarlet Fever HAWTTNESS!!!! (Some leftovers I will be using on my next project.)

To those I added some chicken wire Dusty Attic chipboard (LOOOVE!), twill ribbon from Pink Paislee and I called it a day in 30 minutes. WOO HOO!

Chells OUT!


5 Responses

  1. Yeah you know what. No thinking about it now, full blown girly crush! I looove you!

    Am still laughing at the colour wheel/frisbee statement. It’s like you are in my head woman!

    Oh, and I love this page!

  2. I am a messy scrapper too.. no apologies!

  3. Oh, Michelle! How I adore your work and your outlook.

    I had a chuckle from your manifesto as I recently entered some Los into the state fair and consistently got comments from the judges saying, ” the photo is not straight”, “sewing is scribbly” and “lines are crooked” — duh! Of course it is, that’s how I like it 🙂

  4. dudette! That was quick! And you know what, you totally back me up in my ‘GET THE RED COLOR KIT NOW!’ message – I’m sure it’ll be sold out soon because your creation is WOW. I love the corrugation and chicken wire making it a bit industrial, and I love the white/red combo (of course), and I love the placement and and and… your ‘controversial’ statements 🙂

    Nicole Maki – cannot BELIEVE those judges’ comments. I just don’t get it – since when were there rules on art?!

  5. Yep, I’m a messy scrapbooker too, that IS why I’m here, thanks for the hugs! This style ROCKS! x

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