she’s completely batty!!!!

batty bat made from ouchless cardboard.

Hey ho and hi there,

It’s Ngaire here, with a REALLY simple, and easy to throw together halloweenie display for your home.

I had a ball making these little guys with some of our fab ouchless cardboard.

I downloaded a  free pattern from here, traced onto the back of the cardboard and cut out . ( Kids could totally do this too.) Coloured them with some black paint and stuck on vintage googley eyes.

dangled the bats from skewers with orange embroidery thread...

I got a heap of cool stuff from the dollar store ( the whole  lot came to just  $10.00!!): plastic caldrons, bat and ghost rings, white and black skellies, and fold out pumpkins. I stuck a bat on a stick inside each fold out pumpkin… ( I painted the skewers black too)

I popped a skellie into each caldron, with a couple of the spookie  rings and a  strawberry chocolate frog. ( cos nothing says gross more than a flat brown frog with pink guts, right?)

oooooh spoooky!

I then gathered the letters to spell ‘EVIL” from my stash, and used some black lace from the Halloween colour mixed media kit,  and paper from the Nevermore kit, and made teeny tags for the caldrons.

"evil" tags

you can see them here:

E.V.I.L. yes indeed...

You will notice the skellies all have teeny bows in their “hair”. BECAUSE I COULD, that’s why!!!!

bubble bubble toil and trouble...

I bundled the lot onto a thrifted tray, ready for unsuspecting visitors…

all in together. Bwa hahahahaaaaaaaa...

and there you have it:  cheap , cute, revolting and cool. what more could you want, my pretties?

Until we meet again….


xx Ps.. hey! what’s that behind you????

Happy Halloween !!!


6 Responses

  1. You mare! I actually looked behind me!

    Love them 😀

  2. […] she’s completely batty!!!! « Gauche Alchemy. […]

  3. Ha! The bows in the skeleton’s “hair” is the best part! 😀

  4. This is a great Halloween project- LOVE the cauldrons- will need to check my local 5 and dime but I have a feeling they are already sold out. I’m trying those bats on my next card project- they are too funny!

  5. I love those batty(googly) eyes on the bat,way cute!

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