Ngaire’s Knitting Needle Repository. ( aka: “somewhere to keep stuff”)

paper flowers, music paper with buttons and lace and teeny doily.

Hi and Hello Gauche girlies ( and guys)

 Ngaire here  again with a quick and easy idea for making storage in your art space a little bit..well.. arty-er!

I started with a good sized coffee can.. but really.. you can use what ever size can  you want! I am easy going like that.

started out as a coffee can.

I covered the outside of the can in a good thick layer of gel medium, the cheap stuff is just fine!  I then used several different sheets of arty yumminess from the gauche shoppee . Amongst them were a sheet of asian writing, music sheet, some netting and my favourite!  Braille paper ! LOVE the braille paper ( I rubbed an ink pad over it to highlight the teeny bumps.)

see the tiny bumps? and the netting over the top?

I  glued all that on with a slapping of gel medium and then added some randomly placed paper flowers  and pink lace from the  amazing mixed media colour kits… bundles of wonder they are, you just NEVER know what you might find! Then I let it all dry .

pink lace, sequins and a spray painted doily.

(If you look closely above  you can also see I used some of the Punchinella as a stencil and dabbed it with a small ink pad from my Gauche stash.)

While that was drying, I sprayed a vintage doily ( thrifted from my local thrift shoppe) with a nice pink/red color mist and set it aside to dry too. ( and little tricky trick.. I sprayed the doily on another piece of book paper from my Bucket O’Gauche, and then used the sprayed image of the doily inside the tin to line it. Clever? Frugal?  or just plain cheap, you make the call.)


see the doily pattern left after I picked the sprayed doily up? so pretty!

To finish off the can, i stabbed holes around the top of the can and fed vintage paper and velvet flowers on stems through, and masking taped them to the inside of the tin. ( you coulkd also use a cropadile or similar ). Then lined the tin with the aforementioned doily book paper.

I added the doily  with more gel medium, and the BEST brad ever ( a brown moose, I kid you not!! BEST find so far from the “gravy, baby” mixed media kit.) plus some buttons and sequins, cos you can never have too much bling bling.

paper and velvet flowers wreath the top of the tin. MORE is MORE!

Looks super cute in my art room and now I can find my knitting needles…. No, I am not showing you my art room today.. it is a SUPER mess.. but one day I will.. Promise.

I  leave you with this thought for the day:

from our naughty and nice board of snark at Pinterest!

Until next we meet.





3 Responses

  1. Great idea! I have several pen holders that need the Gauche treatment!!! LOVE that braile paper as well- layering the netting over it is fantastic.

  2. Pretty,great idea!I am gonna use this idea for my paint brushes!

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