Fauve Lays It Out


How are you today, fellow Gauchey gals ( and guys!)?

Ngaire here today, with multiple fabulous, and “WAY too cute for its own good” layouts  .. created with love and attention by the amazing Fauve.

Here is the first beauty:

"time to play"

Fauve tells us: “This layout is about my oldest son Julian,who loves having a playground in front of our new home.”

She used the Hot for teacher kit, Banana Hammock, Wedding Night White, Scarlet Fever and Envy Green Mixed Media Color Kits. My favourite part of this candy sweet layout? …the little happy tiger guy. What a darling!

look at his little shoes!!!

Fauve has these tips for you too:

“Stamp your ink pad on letters or embellishment to give them a stained grunge effect.”


“Use different stitches for a funky look.”

I love the different stitches on this layout, makes for a real “homemade” look … works so well with the playground photos. Don’t forget you can handstitch too!

and layout number two:

cutie patooties!

 From Fauve:
“My little monkey’s on our new balcony.  Drive me crazy sometimes,but they are just too cute to get mad at!
I covered the background paper with black paint and added some vintage school images paper.I punched some holes along the sides and in the strips of paper at the top and bottom.I made a photo mat from foreign paper, bingo card, brown polka dot tape and blue communication log paper. Then I embellished the layout with cute tags, stickers and trinkets.”

and LOOK at all the gauche goodies she used! :

Hot for Teacher kit

It’s all gravy baby! brown mixed media kit,

black out mixed media kit,

blue streak mixed media kit,

and just because she could! : some awesome foreign text.

gratuitious foreign text shot.

Thanks for the share, Fauve! Love it!

More soon? Yes I do think so!





4 Responses

  1. they ARE cute, aren’t they?! Loving your work, Fauve! x

  2. I love that polka dot tape too- I carefully took mine off all my color packs and saved it “for later”. Is it any wonder my house is a hot mess? LOVE the color and design on these pages!

  3. So adorable, Fauve!

  4. Those are great layouts.

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