Nina Patena Gets Published!

Hi Ya’ll, it’s Michelle!!

In case you were wondering- WHAT in bloody hell does a scrap chick have to do to get published around here?

We have an answer for you! First (DUH) you have to whip up a great page design but to REALLY kill the competition you may want to consider using Gauche product! It’s unique, it’s special, it’s FLASHY.

That’s what the extremely talented and former GA Captain Nina Patena did and she credits GA for her first pub credit.
No way! WAY!
Go on girl!

Here’s the story in her own words:

“I was looking at my brother’s old photos on Friendster and saw this photo taken at a corporate event of my brother playing with his band. I realized I had never seen this side of my brother before. I’d never seen him play onstage.

So I was inspired to make a layout answering a publication call for an upcoming book from Memory Makers. I knew the layout needed to stand out and that using Gauche Alchemy materials was guaranteed to do that.

I used the following materials from Gauche Alchemy: Blue Streak Mixed Media Color Kit, Foreign Text, and Punchinella. I decided on the blue to complement the shirt my brother is wearing in the photo and of course the punchinella star design to emphasize that it’s about performing onstage. This was a very quick and easy layout to pull off since I had the basic blue embellishments and punchinella to work with from Gauche Alchemy.

This is my first time being published in a book and I owe it to Gauche Alchemy for giving me my big break.”

See? SEEEE? What did I tell you?
It helps that Nina’s layout is really well designed and that the photo is amazing. But we’ll take all the credit we can get- hardy har har.

I really like the texture the page gets from the different materials that Nina has cut into strips.

AND- check this out- there is hidden journaling in the “Special Event” ticket die-cut slipped to the right of the photo. Uhhm- Nina- your brother is H.O.T!
But I digress…
This is also a hybrid layout. The turquoise woodgrain paper is all digi- awesome!

Congratulations Nina- you rock!!! And now everyone knows it!

SmOoChEs BeOtChEs!


5 Responses

  1. brilliant! well done Nina. But Michelle, can you just clarify – did you say we have to kill the competition? 😉 x

  2. I love this page! Congratulations and well done, Nina! The blue streak mixed media kit is the perfect accent to the brown.

  3. Fantastic page – so glad you included a closer up picture of the actual LOl Michelle as it’s just got so much to look at! Congratulations Nina.

  4. Oh wow, thanks so much for this post, Michelle! Totally blushing and idiotically happy to be featured here. It’s like being pubbed all over again. =)

    P.S. I know. My brother has always broken hearts. Haha.

  5. wooohooo Nina!!!!

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