Snappy SMart Canvas art by Carmen

close up goodness!

Hi Ngaire here..

How the heck are you?

Today  I  am  simply mistress of ceremonies.. as I introduce Carmen and her fabulous canvas.. she made it as a gift for a friend! ( she is MY kinda friend…)

Anyhoo.. without further ado… Heeeerrrrrrreeeee’s Carmen!

make smart choices...

This is a canvas I made for a friend’s birthday. I’ve been really suffering from lack of Mojo the last few months and was browsing Pinterest when this  t-shirt leapt out at me

how cool is this?

and sparked an idea.
Using my very favourite stencils in the World – Punchinella,  I overlaid loads of layers using the different shapes and sizes. I combined that with stencilling using an old alphabet school stencil and some cardboard that had star punchouts from some die cut stars that were long gone. (Great stuff like this in the Gauche kits.. mmmm. Acme!!)
The lettering took FOREVER! I’d love to recreate this for my home but honestly – it felt like it took a hundred years! Using an empty chipboard alphabet sheet (again, the alphabet long gone) I smeared texture paste through the letters picking out only the phrase Make Art Your Life. Trying to make sure and leave enough room for the other lettering which I wanted to remain flat. Of course – I had to pick out random letters at a time and then let them dry before doing the whole phrase because had I lain the stencil over the wet texture paste it would have flattened it – like I say… FOR.EV.AHHHHH. The process had to be repeated for the remainder of the phrase (Smart Choices In) using acrylic paint but again it had to be done in dribs and drabs so I didn’t smudge it.  Then when the texture paste was completely dry it was painted yellow and the green lettering was outlined a bit in marker pen.
More paint sploshed and flicked, Punchinella added to the corner for a bit or sparkle and interest and then…
MORE Punchinella was laid over the top of the whole canvas and some kitchen towel lain strategically over parts so that I could spritz the whole thing with Glimmer Mist to add a bit of pizazz! You can see the effect of that better in this picture.


I do hope my recipient likes it – I’m kinda sad to see it go. Really and truly a labour of love! Any ideas how I could have simplified the process… Do. Please. YELL!
Cool huh?  Thanks to  Carmen for the fab ideas!
more soon? I do think so!
Until then,
Peace out!

5 Responses

  1. This canvas is so awesome!!!!

  2. LOOOOVE! This is so inspiring! Off to the scrap table!

  3. wow carmen, all that work was totally worth it though because it is GORGEOUS.

  4. This turned out wonderfully, Carmen! I love the sentiment and the colors. I see some delicious textures and layers too. Love it!

  5. Unique and stylish canvas!I like the way colors are combined.

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