Carmen Wants Your Braaiiiinnnnsssss

Hi everyone!

Maggi here with a ghoulish layout from our very own Queen of the Damned, Carmen!  For those of us in the U.S.A., today is Halloween, a day where kids get strung out from too much candy and adults get to dress up as slutty what have yous (insert blue collar profession here).  Carmen is a lover of everything creepy cool and she has created the most disturbing, the most frightening, the most AWESOME layout this holiday has ever seen…Please to enjoy…


Take it away Carmen!

The background card is actually an off white greeny cream – I thought it looked kind of ill and zombie flesh like. My printer is very lucky it didn’t get headbutted and thrown out the window. New inks – all cleaned – still it printed out in weird colours after an HOUR of trying but in the end, this batch, I thought the colours added to the creepiness so I went with it and the printer lives to annoy for another day.

I edged around the photos in red ink and also used the ink for the page edges and bloody thumb print and smears on the memo note from the Blue Streak Mixed Media Color Kit.

The very cool Trick or Treat poem was in my scrap box, cut down from a 12×12 sheet of fabulous little sayings – I buy any Halloween stash that I see. I decided just to have that as my title because I LOVE it. The lush velvet ribbon is from the Halloween Mixed Media Color Kit.

The bloody hand prints are done by my lovely little helper, my youngest Ruby, obviously the zombies ate her brains shortly after those photos were taken… she just didn’t heed the memo in time! (Handprints are a mixture of red and black acrylic paint… )

I am getting the taste… for braaaaaains… I mean scrapbooking again methinks. 😉

Oh Carmen, this layout is genius! I just LOVE that she added the “bloody” handprints!

Now go eat too much candy, dress up like a slutty nurse, then go glue something awesome onto some awesome braaaiiinnnssss! 😀



8 Responses

  1. the handprints are perfect! wow.. love it!

  2. gruesome 😉

  3. It’s so awesome to see scary costumes for Halloween- I’m kinda over the rampant slutty fem get ups. Great page- that drippy goo punch looks fantastic here! The suggestions note made me laugh out loud. I agree with Maggie- the bloody handprints are a genius touch.

  4. You didn’t know Halloween is National Homage to Hooker Day?! ::snicker::

    Carmen, LOVE how this looks! Love the handprint and how scary it is!

  5. I’d give you 2 thumbs up but I’d be scared one of the zombie kids might bite them off 🙂

  6. haha… this is fabulous, Carmen. Whee!!

  7. Brrrrrrillliant Layout Carmen. Love the bloody hands for the background. Puuuuurrrrfect for Halloween! x

  8. Lovin the Zombie layout!!

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