Day of the Dead Special edition with Marie Ramirez


Michelle here.

I’ll admit it right up front. I’m a scrap stalker.

I don’t do anything creepy- for instance- there is no stewing of pet rabbits- a girl’s gotta have standards. But I do tend to wig out when I find someone who’s work I love. I “friend” them, “follow” them, “tweet” them, join all their DT challenges, add them as a contact on Flickr or Instagram . I leave long fawning blog comments and pin everything with notes like this “OMG Marie Ramirez is a SCRAP GODDESS!!!! SQUEEEE!!!”.

“Squee” is a new word for me. I used to write AAAAAAAAAAA! but that put people off.

Check it:

Dia De Los Muertos Matchbox project. Using the Gauche Alchemy Acme Mixed Media Paper Craft Kit.

This is related to Marie because I love her work. On top of being totally awesome, Marie also happens to knock Day of The Dead projects out the park. This tiny box project is a perfect example- clean, bright and fantastically layered.

Banner close up- love all the glimmer and glam!!!

Swing by Marie’s blog to check out her other creations.

Chells out!


3 Responses

  1. LOVE IT!! great idea using the clothespins.

  2. “SQUEEEEE” indeed! This is a FABULOUS creation & so inspiring-I have to try my hand at makin’ one!

  3. Marie’s work is ALWAYS spectacular! I’m so glad she played along with the Day of the Dead posts!

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