teeny can be perfect: Chrissy’s mini mixed media canvas.

hot hot hot !!!!!!

Hey ho Gauchey girlies and guys!

Ngaire here again, bringing you   a fab mixed media canvas created for us by the always gauche and sweet as all get out.. Chrissy!

get a load of this wee beauty:

teeny tiny and perfect in every way!

Can you believe this is Chrissy’s  VERY FIRST attempt at a REAL mixed media canvas!

Chrissy says” And let me be honest with you.  It sat on my shelf in a pathetic state for
MONTHS before I grabbed it today and said, “Eff it!” and just glued
random shiz onto it.”

LOLOL.  I love that way of creating! no rules , just do your thang and let the art create where it may!!

This canvas is only itty bitty.  It’s 3×5 inches small!!!! I personally LOVE a small project for its cuteness.. and lets face it.. the ability to FINISH IT QUICK!!!

Chrissy  used all kinds of stuff from the red, blue, and white color kits.   The collage images are from ARTchix Studios.  She also used Adirondack paint dabbers, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, RangerAlcohol Inks, and MOD PODGE.  The pink tulle flower zipper flower are both the soert of amazing finds you can recieve in the ever lickable ACME kits.  and get this!! Chrissy MADE  the push pins all by myself with Sculpey and Stickles. WHAT THE??? Clever clogs she is!


Right then.. off to make some serious crafty stuffage.

until next time…

yeah, baby!




One Response

  1. Love this project- that mini Tabasco bottle is killing me! Great mix of elements and the flower is a fantastic accent.

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