Dia De Los Muertos- a call to artists


Michelle here!
Now here’s an opportunity to give to a worthy cause as well as have your work included in a fantastic event held every year by artist and blogger Rebecca Brooks of Recuerda Mi Corazon
As Rebecca tells it: (Interview has been edited for brevity.)

The Shrine Project began in 2008 with a sincere desire to give back to the families ofMexico. The shrine auction is an annual event where 100% of donations raised go to support Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots,  a trusted community outreach facility dedicated to providing a multi-layered approach to assisting children and their families in skills that ensure  independence and success.

"Are We Dead Yet" by Patricia Chapman. 2008 http://www.thepatstudio.com/

I grew up in San Diego and was traveling extensively in Mexico by the age of 16. I was completely swept away with this warm inclusive culture. As an adult my passion for indigenous folk art and the people of Mexico grew into folk art tours to remote areas so others could know the heart of Mexico. On one of these trips I met dedicated staff from Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots. They worked with those most in need, the indigenous population.  My efforts focus on this amazing organization that provides meals, medical support and education for children and their families.

Lisa Jones Moore- Shrine #4. 2011. http://jonesmoore.blogspot.com/

When the political situation for the rights of children and the poor became chaotic inOaxaca I shifted  my folk art tours to San Miguel de Allende but my heart grieved knowing we would be missed. I knew many artists whose work had a definite Mexican influence. I hoped there would be a desire to give back to this culture that has profoundly touched so many by creating shrines and auctioning them with all proceeds going to Oaxaca Street Children Grassroots. The response was overwhelming! What I thought would be a local silent auction accompanying our Dia De Los Muertos annual art show had out grown its very beginning and  I was desperately working to set up an online auction!

Jan Bush-Wood "Sleeping Sweetly". 2011 http://lucysbaby.blogspot.com/

The first call in 2008 was for cigar box shrines. Calls in years following left the confines of the cigar box to allow for a wider inclusion of multi media artists.
Readers can visit http://corazon.typepad.com/gallery_of_hope/ to see the diverse and exquisite shrine offerings from this year’s shrine auction.
Shrines can be deeply personal or universal in their appeal.  One’s intention, reflection and thoughts as well as the elements one chooses to include in the piece give import and deeper meaning to ones shrine.

Virgen De Guadalupe by Jenny Fillius, 2011. http://jennyfillius.com/

Kitchen Goddess by Stephanie Hilvitz, 2011. http://rodrigvitzstyle.typepad.com/

I am amazed with the stories we’ve exchanged. Many times the creation of a shrine is unexpectedly healing for the artist. I think the fact that many of the artists return year after year is proof that it is in giving we truly receive.

Christina Alvarado "La Calavera Catrina & the Shrine to Saint Marcella", 2011. http://dubuhdudesigns.typepad.com/

I invite you and your readers to join in next year’s shrine auction. Please leave a message at The Gallery of Hope or recuerda mi corazon and I will happily place you on my list of shrine makers. I only ask for an art piece with great focus of intention, a significant work from the heart, an expression of illumination and compassion.”
Rebecca Brooks
All I can say is WOW!!!!!
I’m already trying to think up a project special enough to fit in with the level of talent Rebecca has gathered. I REALLY want to have a project in the 2012 auction. Check the links when you have a moment- you will not be disappointed!
Chells out!

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  1. Unbelievable talent. I can well believe that it’s a healing process.
    Fabulous interview – really enjoyed reading this.

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