Cards are AWESOME!

Hello there!

This post is about the fabulousness that is card making.

Why do I love cards? Because you can bang out a really good one in no time!

Wait- QUALIFICATION- you can bang out a really good one in 2 hours- that’s with hand stitching, encaustic melted madness, fussy cutting or any of the usual medieval torture methods crafters like to use when creating.

Fauve made this card in no time flat. Her family just moved so she decided to send hand crafted play date invitations:

Fauve used The Hot For Teacher Kit, Ouchless Corrugated Board in white, Banana Hammock Yellow Mixed Media Color Kit and the Scarlet Fever Red Mixed Media Color Kit.

Right? That’s what I was saying!!! LOVE the dashes of color here. This sets the tone for the event perfectly.

Fauve’s thoughts: “I used the white cardboard as a background and covered it with turquoise paint to create lines. Then I added matching paper and stapled it together with a ticket, ribbon and stickers.For the little doll man I used a glue dot to let it stay in place.”

KEUUUUTE! I need to start breaking out my paints more, Fauve is killing me with the Fauvist art! Hardy har har.

That’s my version on an “in” joke.

Ok here’s a SURPRISE!!!!  One of our team members- CHERYL– video wunderkind- recently got married. Her wedding was characteristically fantabulous. Please swing by her blog- and handmade too– to check out her projects.

I sorta promised Miss Thing a “Happy Mail” card about oh- 4 months ago- and she’s still waiting for it.

So SHAZZAM- here it is! (Cheryl you’ll get the actual card via snail mail as soon as I remember to mail the danged thing)

Ok how proud am I that I shot this card while backlit? I just plunked it on the window sill, dialed down the f-stop and shot away (using a bounce card to light the front of course). LOVE that light washed effect!!!

I created this card while I was supposed to be working on a top secret Gauche Christmas project- (gauche in that it uses lots of cheesy glitter and GASP- bells). I had to take a break. The thing was stressing me out.

I used the Scarlet Fever Red mixed media color kit, the Wedding Night White mixed media color kit, the Black Out mixed media color kit, white Ouchless Corrugated Cardboard, Bazzil swiss dot cardstock in Phoenix, Die Cuts With A View houndstooth pattern paper and alpha stickies from Kaisercraft and Authentique.

I already know what detail Cheryl will like most- that “hi-fi” Record button on the card is freaking fabulous and fits right in with her red,white and black Rockabilly wedding theme. I would have added a Less Paul guitar to this but I couldn’t find one small enough to fit the card. (not a joke- guitar embellishments are hard to find!)

Use up those scraps! Interior of Cheryl's card. I like using the sales slip as the paper for whatever I end up scrawling in there while I wait in line at the post office.

I used up my precious red kit scraps but I’m hoarding my black kit.  You all may want  to order some color kits people- the DT is buying them up so fast the might just sell out before you can get your crafty fingers on them.

Chells out!


2 Responses

  1. LOVE it Michelle!! Can’t wait for it to be mine, all mine mwahahahaa! I love the record, and also the houndstooth…and the polka dots…and the star… 😀

  2. You’re not even kidding about the DT buying up all the kits 😀

    Love these cards! good job girls! Snail mail is the BEST!

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