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Hi and hello sweet alchemists!

Ngaire here again.. with a mixed bag O’ wonderous and clever projects!

First we have TWO projects by the lovely Yvonne.. she had the good fortune to be on the receiving end of the amazing new NEKKID November kit. Look… here it is here!

So….See the card up there at the start of the post? yup.. Yvonne made it.

4×4″ of krafty goodness.. and see the woodgrain punchinella?? OMBUDDHA! you gotta have some of this stuff. So so cool. (Pssst…. you can find it here… or a darker  1970’s kitchen cabinet version here.)

Yvonne also used some of my favourite braille paper  and made the bloom from dress pattern tissue. (the “hello” Sentiment uses Jillibean stickers.)

But then.. because she was on a roll baby,  Yvonne also whipped up this charming mini album with the nearly nekkid mixed media kit….. just LOOk at the whitewashed loveliness of this little gift! ( The bubba is her nephew J)

sugary cute sweetness!

Yvonne used wooden tags for the pages, and covered each tag with  text pages. Cover is covered with ivory lace and decorated with plastic barrette from the white mixed media kit. She also made great use of our   Ouchless cardboard  (Jillibean stickers for the inner pages.)

inside the album.. MORE sweetness!!

Totally darling.. and the colours of the kit work for all kinds of themes.. wedding, new born, OR what about a vintage Christmas???

And just before  your head starts spinning with ideas ….and you want to go stick somethin’ to somethin’….

here is a cool as layout from Chrissy of the magic fingers…


Chrissy is my hero.. as the whole damn thing is made from the Robot kit. yup. Have you SEEN this kit? so awesome.. heres a piccy.:

rockin the robots.

you can get your hands on one  of these loaded up kits here.

Right then.. back to the huge pile of embroidery mess I have in my art room.

untill next i see you…

remember there should always be :

MAKE. time.

Kiss kiss…




2 Responses

  1. Love these projects! The woodgrain punchinella layered over the braile paper is so FANTASTIC!!!! I also love the lace/corrugated board combo in the mini- it’s so fabulously out of the box!!!

  2. I heartedy heart heart heart, with palpitations thrown in, the braille paper with the woodgrain punchinella. Gorgeous projects again 🙂

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