Slammin’ Mutant Robot Fashionista page yo!

Hello from Brooklyn mi gente! Michelle here.

Sorry about the 90’s street speak relapse but Chrissy’s TECHtastic page just brought me back to my comic book fangirl days- in other words- I LOVE IT.

Check it:

Uber Tres Fab Fashionista- that title makes me giggle- it's so fun to say!!!


Chrissy used the new Monstrous Mutant Robots from Outer Space Mixed Media Paper art kit.

This kit has a funky fresh mix of papers, stickers, eraser and even a great digi collage you can use to add some fun vintage Sci-Fi images to your project.

Napkins, erasers, brads and vinyl die cuts- TRES FABULOUS!

Bam POP! and We R Memory Keepers papers? YES PLEASE!

The color in this layout is totally eye-gagging! Hee hee! I just made that up. Wanna swipe and use it to describe your fave LO’s? I won’t sue for copyright infringement- promise.

LOVE the black cardstock behind the popped-out and fussy cut elements! Great way to add contrast without taking away from the focus- the pics!

You really can’t go wrong with red, yellow and blue in your layout. Here, Chrissy uses the white background in the photos to tie everything together. I also appreciate that she didn’t go the expected route and use “boy” photos here- girls love Sci-fi too! Girl POWAH!

Here’s Miss Tina’s take on this page:

“I REALLY wanted to break into the robot kit and I am a HUUUUUGE sucker…er…stalker…er…fan, yeah, fan, of “Bam-Pop!” papers and stamps.

I went hunting through my photos to find THE perfect
pics to use and came across these of my youngest, Julia.

Julia is a very independent, opinionated, decisive and stubborn little girl.

She absolutely has to pick her own clothes and dress herself.  Usually,she’ll come downstairs in a t-shirt, shorts or a skirt.   But sometimes, she’ll show up in something a bit more “whimsical”.  Surprisingly, she isn’t wearing her green tutu with this outfit!  She wears it e-ver-y where.

Who am I to make her change her clothes?  Who am I to take away her
simple ability to choose her outfits?  Who am I to squash that
creative little spark in her 3, almost 4, year old mind?”

Just a quick look at Miss Julia's awesome polka dot sock action- I need to get some a pair!

I love that outfit Christina! I would totally wear that! I’m glad you practice selective parenting- the world has enough black/brown/ beige outfits!

What about you? Do you have any fun projects that use whimsical details or “boy” embellies for girl photos (or vice versa)? We’d like to see ’em! Upload them to our Flickr group!

Chells is outtie 5,000!


2 Responses

  1. fab layout Chrissy! LOVE the colour and playfulness!

  2. Gorgeous – it definitely is reminiscent of comic books isn’t it? Love the cutout in the middle with the robot spouting forth.

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