a Christmas post in November..

Hi and hello sweeties!

Ngaire here  with a few pretty pictures of “things that are Christmassy.”

Christmas is snnnneeeeaaaking up on us all. The holiday season is lurking JUST  out of sight…

So I thought I would share some projects I have made in past years.. to get the creative juices flowing… and the ideas a-rolling… and the mistletoe a-swinging… and the eggnog a-gulping.

Cookie tray advent. SO fun and SO easy!

Use up all your scraps , (**and add some cute stuff from the Gauche colour mixed media kits????) to create little magnets for each day (days not in use can be stored on the back of the tray). I just drew the squares on to the tray with a sharpie and a ruler!

I adore candles anytime of the year.. but the Holiday season is SO perfect for them.

oooh pretty!

add some rub-ons.. and gems to an old pot to give it a Christmas glow. You could also add lace or ribbon to the pot too, and if you have little ones at home.. use battery operated candles so no one gets burnt!

Have you ever tried making a wreath? They really are easy… just use some vines (fake is fine!) and some wire to hold it in place. add some schtuff from your stash.. and hot glue the lot into place!

see the cute little birdies???

yup.. the wee white birdies …they are from the wedding night colour kit.. you can find it here.

We adore felt here at the Chateau De Bartlam.. we use it a LOT.  There are LOADS of free tutorials on the web for making cute things.. and these are all kid friendly too. ( you can use fabric glue for the little ones, and teach the older ones to use a needle..or if you are me.. allow the grandmamas to do so.. ahem.)

felt hearts with buttons.

felt birdie

winged hearts.

make a bunch for hanging and giving.

You can see more of my festive makings here at my flickr Christmas set.

and lots of cool ideas and pretty things and more .. at our Gauche Pinterest Gallery.

and I am curating a Holiday Pinterest Board here .

until next we meet.. I leave you with this:


Kiss kiss.




4 Responses

  1. Ngaire, this totally fulfilled my eye candy quota for the day. 🙂

  2. Several “ohhhh”s and “ahhh”s physically escaped my mouth while looking at your goodies..thank you for sharing…I see a baking pan in my near future….!

  3. Ohhh is that a teeny tiny nest on the wreath? I love those birdies in the Wedding Night White kit – I hoard them – maybe this is the project to set them free 😀

  4. Hi Ngaire, so glad to see you are still creating magic.
    Helen B.

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