A fabulous canvas

Hello from Brooklyn!

Michelle here to share a beautiful project from past designer Fauve.

The project displays Fauve’s favorite photo of her gorgeous boys in a very cool way-  full color!

This is so out of the box!  I’m digging the  yellow, magenta and turquoise paint. Fauve used sequins and fabric netting from the Banana Hammock Yellow Mixed Media and papers from the Acme Mixed Media Paper Craft Kit  as a backdrop for that fabulous photo.

This got me thinking- how do you display images you love? Do your projects live in the computer or inside scrapbooks or do they come out in full color and go on display?

Some of the items you may find in your 12 month subscription to the Acme Mixed Media Paper Craft Kit

I love the idea of adding a family photo to a modern painting.
Fauve’s process:
I used a palette knife to apply the yellow paint on the background and used brown crayon for the other half.
I then splattered some purple paint with the end of my paint brush and added pink and turquoise with the palette knife.
To tie everything together, I painted on the papers I had layered on top of the background color and added embellishments.That way I felt the papers were more blended in.
I was inspired by a an art piece  I own. I found it on a flea market and it’s hand sewn.

Fauve's fantastically FABULOUS flea market find! It's a quilt!!! LOVE!!!!

I haven’t tried working on canvas yet but I admire Fauve’s confident color mix so much I’m aiming my tired snotty frame at the scrap table as I write… this… last…
Go on now and create people!
Chells out!

2 Responses

  1. I love the color mix she used. I really need to get me a palette knife now!

  2. This project turned out beautifully!! Great job. I adore the colors against the black and white photo.

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