love and babies and all the good stuff!

sweet baby card.

Hi and hey and hello there!

 Ngaire here with a couple of fast as lightning  and super delightful projects from the one and only Yvonne!

First up… see the darling card above   there?  Yvonne made   the sweetest baby quick card using Ouchless Cardboard for a little texture. The soft colours are so pretty , and I LOVE the string tied over the button.welcome

and then there is this little swinging beauty…

ooooh pretty!!!!!

Yvonne created this  hanging mobile using an upcycled gift box as a frame and our fabulous  Wedding Night White Mixed Media Color Kit.

just  LOOK at the goodies in this baby:

doesnt it make you want to just make stuff????

mmm. or you could just run your fingers through it and give it a fondle…..


right then.

Ngaire signing off till next time with a thought for the day…



One Response

  1. I LOVE that mini card and the upcycled box top is GORGEOUS! I am seeing some new Christmas ornaments in my future. Yvonne, you have just given me an idea for next holiday season! And yes, I want to fondle that luuuurve that mixed media kit!

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