Cheryl’s Fabulously funky retro vintage wedding


Michelle here!

Cheryl, Gauche’s video maven, got married recently and I wanted to share some of the projects she made for her wedding- just sit back and ENJOY-  there’s plenty of funky eye candy ahead.

Cheryl and famz. Check out Cheryl's hair! Look at her GORGEOUS hand made bouquet!!! And Mom's dress is stylin'- for real!

The exquisite invitation- this sets the tone for the wedding beautifully- unique, creative and FUN. LOVE the circle window with the ampersand- just GORGEOUS!!!

Cheryl says: I designed the programs, quizzes, candle and jar labels myself using MS Word, and Inkscape. The flowers were made by the mother of the bride, the vases were coffee tins covered with punchinella, and the giant pinwheels were easy – just find a template online and follow the instructions.

One you get over the fantastic color combo and pattern mix take a nice long gander at the staging and light. So lovely!

A close up:

The cover of the wedding gift box containing some seriously cool handmade boutonnieres. The box was first covered in molding paste then stamped with a woodgrain stamp. She then painted it black- LOVE the fiddly bits on top.

Inside the box? Skull Felt Boutonnieres!!

Skull boutonnieres: Trace a simple skull template and cut two shapes from felt. On one, sew (or glue) hearts for eyes and stitch a mouth. On the other, stitch on a brooch back. Then hand-sew together. Just before closing stuff a little cushion stuffing into the pocket.

The red and white sailor paper star is FABULOUS!!!! Note the hand made bunting in the background.

Over 50 metres of gorgeous fabric bunting were hand made by the mother of the bride. It will be used again. To make the hearts, cut lengths of card or pattern paper and staple together. For the 3D nautical stars: trace a nautical star template onto card and cut, leaving flaps on the outer edges of one. Then score all inner and outer lines, glue together with a hot glue gun and when dry, push the points inwards so the star bends at the scores and takes on its 3D form.

Fantastic paper combo!!! Music notes! Cherries! Stripes and Polka dots- LOVE!!!

And finally- the pièce de résistance:

The bridal bouquet surrounded by the bouquets made for the wedding party. STUNNING!!!!

That deserves a close up!!!

(See how Cheryl made her wedding bouquet here)

Fabulous good bye in a classic car- Cheryl covered all the bases! She's certainly got the knack for a career as a wedding planner!

Look at those bride maid's dresses!!!! Incredibly flattering and can be used for all kinds of wonderful events! Suspenders for the men make for a great photo.

Can you FEEL the love? I do. Go on and hug your significant other!

Chells out.

15 Responses

  1. What can I say! I was lucky enough to be a part of this wonderful event, and even though I have seen everything for real, I still feel in awe of what we achieved and of Cheryl’s ideas and attention to detail. It was truly one of the best days of my life! Every time I look at the photos it is like seeing it all again for the first time! What an amazing daughter I have!! x

  2. Wow …everything was amazing …love the hearts …clever …and the bouquets …beautifil …and the clothes …stunning ….A Day to remember always.

  3. ahhhh… a little teary! what an awesome day. thanks for the write-up, Michelle. The photos show all that handmade hard work paid off!

  4. Most amazing handmade wedding. Ever. That bouquet: incredible! Thanks for sharing these photos of the big day 🙂

  5. I am blown away looking at these online, I can’t imagine how gorgeous and fun this wedding was to see it in its entirety!

  6. Oh. Mah. Gawd. I have GOOSEBUMPS looking at all of this! Simply a-freakin’-mazing! Gorgeously done! Cheryl, you took my breath away with every single detail!

  7. Cheryl, looking at these has cheered up a cold wintry afternoon for me, they are wonderful and bring back such happy memories of being at your wonderful wedding. Everything was just puire love. Noeleen.

  8. Chery you are one talented woman! What cool and gorgeous details for your wedding…totally fabulous effect!

  9. Just amazing! I love those skulls and the one peeking out of that gorgeous bouquet. Can’t even begin to imagine the amount or work and love that was poured into this. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  10. Wow! This is amazing! I love the bouquets and the awesome retro style!

  11. What a flipping amazing wedding! WOW! I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen anything close to that cool. I hope my daughters are as rockin’ as you someday…..<3 (the bouquets rocked my socks off). 🙂

  12. It’s amazing! I’ve been admiring the pictures over at Cheryl’s – but seeing them all together like this? Stunning!

  13. Cheryl, this is amazing. I can’t believe all you did here – I am in awe.

  14. SO eclectic & just plain cool!
    Congratulations Cheryl!!! 😀

  15. OMG, this is incredible!! Soo cool and so many beautiful things, and you look stunning! Congrats by the way… 🙂

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