“Knick Knack Paddy Whack ” Kit.: Christmas shadow boxing.

what could this be?

Hi , and ho ho ho ho..

Ngaire here, welcoming you  to December at Gauche Alchemy.. where we offer a wee bit of  seasonal inspiration, every other day!

Today I want to share this amazing kit with you.. the “Knick Knack Paddy Whack”  mixed media kit  . Can you say MUST HAVE!!!!!?

I loved this the moment I saw it all. (loads of fabulous bits and pieces for you to sigh over...) and instantly knew what I wanted to do with it.

this is a piccy  of the kit when I opened it:

so much to play with . where do I start???

I loev the blues and naturals in the kit.. and I knew that I wanted to make it Christmassy ( although it would work for just about any “occasion” or art style you could come up with.. It is THAT versatile, my friends!)..anyhoo for me at this time of the year it is ALL about Christmas… (I am a festive season junkie…) and this is what I came up with:

"Christmas Memories"

To begin…. I covered the box inside and out with a slap of frosted blue/green  ( Making Memories sea foam) paint.. and set about making a mini shrine to the Silly Season.

and then I just went the teeniest bit NUTSO with the little “rooms” of the box.. and themed each “room” to a particular  Holiday memory or tradition.

soo.. we have the toy room: with a little rocking horse.. and a flying butterfly..

I have had this plastic rocking horse for years, so cute for this project.

and we have the card room.. with a teeny mail box ( this came in my kit, I painted it red  ..doesn’t it make the BEST mailbox?!) and lots of  wee envelopes…

sending cards all over the world, and receiving them too.

and a tradition that we have always enjoyed… ever since my girls were wee ones.. milk and cookies for “Santa”.. ( me.. ahem.).

milk and cookies, and a santa key for the front door.

The white plate ( game chip) came from the white mixed media kit.. .you can see that here.  The key was in the Knick Knack kit too.. and the cookie is a brown flower button . The coffee is a doll sized toy. ( I added some glitter to the coffee foam, because I COULD!)

I will add another post soon  with a small tutorial on how to make the Christmas tree dolly,  you can see  her good self here :

the side of the shadow box, and "Miss Il-toe" the Christmas Dolly.

and you can see all the images of this project right  here on our Pinterest Board.

until next we meet…


start decking those halls…




3 Responses

  1. Ngaire, this looks ADORABLE! I love the little mailbox with the letters coming in. You chose a wonderfully whimsical color palette to play with and you completely WORKED it girl!

  2. LOVE this project! I have that very same color of Making Memories paint! Mine had dried up a bit but I still use it watered down= the details and creativity here are amazing! LOVE this!

  3. Absolutely LOVE.LY!!!!
    You rocked out each niche in this shadow box Ngaire! 🙂

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