“Miss il-toe” or… “how to make a dolly from a dolly.

Hello , Happy holidays and such!

Ngaire here with a little tutorial on how you too can make your own festive art dolly.. out of stuff you may already have around the home!  WOOT!

I have been playing around with the fabulous December Knick Knack  kit.. and one of the many surprises inside was this little miss. I love making dolls and was a handsewn teddy bear artist in a former life.. ( my early thirties..)

take one dolly from the curio kit and a small tree..

so when I saw her I instantly wanted to cut her up…( in the nicest way possible,  of course.. just call me Dexter. *snort*) and so ..I did.

this wont hurt a bit...

I just used a craft knife.. but be careful…. they are sharp and the plastic is hard!

Next I coloured her in .. with a sharpie.. makes it so easy  and it is permanent (so go slow as you colour.).. on her hair, and her arms.. I did her legs too, but ended up not using them.. (I have saved them for my next Dr Frankenstein project.)

time for a change...

after letting all the bits dry.. I  added a little collar of lace, jammed her head onto the tree top and added a daub of glue to keep it there. ( I made a hole in her neck for the tree to go into, I used an awl to do this.)  You may need to trim the top of your tree so the bits work together.

**** Remember you arent limited to a small tree to make a dolly from.. a bauble, a star, a vintage decoration or a glass bottle will make a perfectly delightful  and  little odd dolly too. ( and you KNOW how I am loving the odd!) ****

so then you have this: or at least .. something vaguely similar..

she's perfectly "armless.

Then I set upon her little self with my craft hot glue gun and popped her arms into place.

nearly there!

While I had the glue out, I glued on a string of plastic beads to add to her “decorative-ness”.  You could also add beads or buttons or tiny tinsel.

You can also make her a headpiece, or a crown, or a star hat ? what ever takes your fancy..


and then if you truly have nothing better to do.. you can sew a cute stocking for her to hold onto..

this is about 1 inch long.. yes i know.. madness!

and there you are.. one slightly creepy and amazingly festive dolly… ready to freak out your loved ones and scare the cat.

no….  YOU are welcome!

until next time..

least I am not on that list by myself..



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