PVC Punchinella is Here!

Hi everyone!

Maggi here to announce some exciting new additions to the Gauche Alchemy store, direct from India, PVC Punchinella!  This punchinella is different from our regular Punchinella in that it is thicker and holds crimping and shaping to a much greater degree (perfect for bending projects to your creative will, muwahahahaha). It is coated with foil, which gives it the color it has and is wonderful for layering.

Orange Starburst 5×12 sheet for $0.60

Silver 10mm Circles, 6×12 sheet for $0.70

Sunburst, 4×12 sheet for $0.50

Red 3mm Circles 9 1/2×12 sheet for $1.15

Rectangles 6 1/2×12 Sheet for $0.75

White 3mm Circles 9 1/2×12 sheet for $1.15

White Teardrop 6×12 sheet for $0.70

Gold Starflower 5 1/2×12 sheet for $0.60

6 Petaled Flower 9 1/2×12 sheet for $1.15

Keep in mind this is a waste product (hence the name “sequin waste”) and some of the pieces are pre-distressed, which may include irregular coloration, crimped edges and folding. This product should not be consider archival (for you rockin’ scrappers out there).  Each piece of this punchinella is unique!

Shipping for this new punchinella is $3.00 for the first sheet in the US and Canada and $8.00 for the first sheet everywhere else.  Get yours in the Gauche Alchemy store!

Now go glue something awesome onto some awesome something!

Maggi 😀


3 Responses

  1. Oh. Oh. Oh. What gorgeous shapes – perfect for masking and stencilling!

  2. So cool! I love my PVC punchi! The texture is so rich and the fact that the color can flake off and give it totally different look! So many ideas!!!

  3. loving the orange!

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