Gauche Alchemy does WREATHS!!!!


Michelle here!

The Design team has been very busy making holiday crafts and we have a few examples of wreaths you can make with Gauch Alchemy kits and whatever is sitting around the house unused.

First up is Cheryl’s:

Oooo! I spot woodgrain punchinella, corrugated board, music print twill ribbon from the Nekkid kit and loads of other wonderful Gauche Alchemy goodies!!!

Cheryl explains it all:

GA’s Bare Nekkid Kit totally inspired me to make a nude-gold-coloured advent wreath. I decoupaged old book pages for the base level, then wound jute and gold cord around it. The decorations were almost all from Gauche Alchemy – from the Banana Hammock Yellow Mixed Media Color Kit and It’s All Gravy, Baby! Brown Mixed Media Color Kit, the ever-useful Ouchless Cardboard, and the amazing woodgrain punchinella. To finish off, I wrapped the chocolates in polka dot cellophane and pinned them on with dressmaker’s pins. ”

Close up!

I LOVE the idea of pinning chocolate's to the wreath!!!! The idea is to eat one a day till you reach the 25th- Cheryl is a GENIUS!!!

Even better, Cheryl made a video tutorial for this wreath, check it out!

I also have 2 projects I want to share. The first is my answer to a drawer full of old shopping bags:

5 kraft paper supermarket shopping bags, a 2" scallop punch, 1 post card dove, some dime store glitter flowers and 4 days of punching and crunching- VOILA!

I made this upcycled paper bag wreath last year as a gift but it never made it out my home. I  loved it too much. The flowers were made by putting my finger in the middle of the punched out circle and crunching the paper up around it- easy peasy !  Hardest part was avoiding the burns from my hot glue gun.

The second is this:

Music print paper from the Bare Nekkid Mixed Media paper kit, Red Punchinella, Ouchless Corrugated Board, Crafter's Workshop template (believe word), Martha Stewart wreath kit for the form and pre cut holly leaves and glitter floral sprays from my local craft store. I also corrugated some gold paper using a corrugator press from Marvy Uchida.

This wreath started as a Martha Stewart glitter wreath kit from a major discount chain. I loved how perfect the wreath looked on the packaging cover and tried for DAYS to get my version to look like the photo but alas it was not meant to be. So I covered them with music paper from the Bare Nekkid Mixed Media paper kit and Ouchless corrugated board and attached them to the form using my hot glue gun. I then used a yard of Red Punchinella from the variety pack offered through the store to cover the rest of the wreath and called it a day.

Perhaps this post inspired you to go out and make your own wreath?

Well here’s a very special sneaky peek at Chrissy’s upcycled book print rosette wreath!

Victorian style wreath made from hand cut and rolled rosettes? YES PLEASE!

I also have an all wreaths Pinterest board you can check out- there are so many beautiful wreath projects out there!  Cheryl even found one made of toilet paper rolls!

I love this time of year!




6 Responses

  1. Crazy love! Great tutorial Cheryl!! 🙂

  2. love all the wreaths.

  3. Love the vid tutorial! Cheryl, your wreath looks gorgeous and so fun an whimsical. Michelle, that paper bag wreath wouldn’t have made it out my front door either. It’s gorgeous! Honestly, I like your version of the MS wreath! It’s got flair, and PERSONALITY! I love it!

  4. these are gorgeous!!

  5. LOVE the paper bag wreath!!

  6. Cheryl, girlfriend, your videos are a joy to behold. Awesome wreaths, everyone… can’t wait for you all to see the full unveil of Chrissy’s wreath! Michelle, that paper bag wreath is amazing…

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