countdown to the 12 days of Christmas in style !

Hi , and Hello , and a very merry Ho ho ho to you, gentle reader.

Ngaire here…. this time bringing you   a gobsmaking holiday project from Chrissy the amazing. As we have established..I  adore Christmas.. and this fabulous idea made my heart sing when I saw it.:)

It’s “the Twelve days of Christmas goes up market and stylin’ ” , in a hanging garland of wonder! just LOOK at how beautiful it is!

Chrissy says: ” I have a huge stash of muslin, hemp and raffetta that I wanted to use
up.  And the only thing I managed to make a dent in was the raffetta!
I cut out my sack pattern and sewed it on my nifty handy dandy sewing
machine.  I cut up some Echo Park christmas paper I had left from last
year.  Ok.  Honestly.  I got it last year and never used it.  Good
thing though!”

“My glittery sparkly numbers are Amercan Crafts Thickers.  The red
rhinestones are from my awesomely awesome saucy red mixed media color
  I used a hefty amount of twine for accenting.  I stuffed my sacks with the
raffetta and let some of it peek out the tops of some of the bags.”

(A note from Chrissy: ***You could fill each bag with treats.  My kids have been fighting
non-stop.. so they get raffetta! 😉 ”

You can find a simple pattern for making the sacks here. 

am loving this project idea… and I think lollies would be fabulous in the bags… maybe  a different recipient could get a bag on each countdown day?  Or maybe you could get one each day yourself??

wishing you much crafty gift making and many organisational skillz this beautiful December! Until next time.




2 Responses

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  2. This is just darling! I love the idea of adding treats to the bags (or not as the kid may be) LOL

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