Last minute host gift ideas! (you’re welcome)


Michelle here.

Stressing out yet?

I AM!! I have exactly 2 presents bought- my Mom’s and my daughter’s. I hate shopping in crowded stores!

Every year I have the same problem- what to give to the host of the Christmas and/or New Year’s Eve party? What to give to the unexpected guest who arrives for Christmas diner- you know- the new girl/boyfriend we just found out about 2 hours ago?

Well… how ’bout this?

From Amy, Co-Head Honcho in Charge- a pillar candle, some of our wonderful new PVC sunburst punchinella and pretty ribbon- PRESTO instant Hostess gift!

I LOVE this new PVC punchinella! It’s so sturdy it PERFECT for cards and other projects that need flexible but tough material.

If I got these as a gift they would take center stage on my table! Great idea Amy!

You got 6 days mi gente! Time to get creative!!!


4 Responses

  1. Uh…Can I have those candles please?! Those are fantastic and a great last minute gift! And I love the new PVC punchinella too!

  2. What a super cute and easy gift! Awesome!

  3. The rest of the story with these candles is kind of funny. They were for a white elephant grab bag gift exchange for my office party. My boss ended up stealing them from the person who opened them originally. Then her husband spent the rest of the party trying to get someone else to take them because “we have too many candles!” 🙂 haha… good times.

  4. These are gorgeous – just ordered punchinella including your new one. These will be adorable gifts all year long! Thank you:)

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