deery me.

have a colourful Christmas, my DEER!


Hello gentle reader!

We are OH SO CLOSE to Christmas now.. and I bet you just have HOURS and days of spare time to fiddle around with a silly project that serves no real purpose at all other than to look sweet!….. No?

I know, I know….. There isnt actually time to scratch yourself.. BUT maybe in the after Christmas craft sales.. you could pick a couple of these little beauties up and be on the hop and ready for Christmas 2012??? All you need is a big old tub of gel medium, some balls of yarn, string, wool or silk, lace , ribbon or a combo of all of them, some trinkets and bells, and some wire.. and a whole lot of patience.:)

The picture below is how the deers started out. They are papier mache and purchased for not a lottta $$ from a big craft chain.

naked deer, a leg and a dog. ( leg and dog not required for project!)

(there is a better photo of what you are looking for here.. thank you, Mr Google)

You may have seen these deer around in the home styling stores this Festive season.. some are decorated with yarms, some string, some fabrics… They cost quite the pretty penny, and I love saving $$$,.. ( cheap-arse) …so decided to make my own.

close up of deer necklette.

All you do is cover a section of the deer  with gel medium ( mod podge, impasto whatever you have…we started with the legs.)  and then wrap your yarn of choice around and around the limb until you have “coloured” it in with the yarn.

flowers in your hair...

This WILL take hours.. get comfy and have a coffee or a wine while you wrap.  Every now and then go back over what you have wrapped, and apply more gel medium to it , to secure  to to the deer form.

a rainbow of deer.

and here’s a tip for young players…. thicker wools and fabric strips will be MUCH quicker…. and it doesnt have to be perfect! Imperfections are part of the charm of these.

One you have completely covered the deer with yarns, secure all ends with more gel medium and allow to dry over night.

trims of wire and bells and beads and wool.

Next day… trim your deer with bells, and wire and flowers and beads.. whatever takes your fancy.

step back.. and admire your decorating skillz.

ta daaaaaaaa!

go on.. give it a go! start small and simple.. and see if you like the effect.. you can move onto the big-ass ones if you dont HATE the process.:)

4 sleeps to go!




8 Responses

  1. OMG! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  2. […] deery me. « Gauche Alchemy. […]

  3. These are so cute! I love how bright, fun, and festive they are! (And I have got to get me some of that yarn!)

  4. So cool! =)

  5. I LOVE these! Gorgeous…very Anthropologie! WELL DONE!


  7. So very cool Ngaire!

  8. These thrill me. And they look so much better as a herd. Definitely getting my mind moving on how else to apply this concept.

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