The Alchemy (W)rap.

Season’s Greetings!

 Ngaire here with some fabulous ideas for a very Gauche Christmas!

Our Fearless Leader Amy has her gifts all wrapped and ready.. and just the teeniest bit gauche!

Get a load of these:

A strip or two of ouchless cardboard….

and  some lace.. … some punchinella ….

 some fibres… and some brown paper. ( the exact paper that your Gauche Goodness will come wrapped in.)

and you have got yourself some awesome parcel just begging to be opened!

Counting down now! How are YOU going with your prep?

Me.. I could use a few more days! LOl.:)

until next time.

to you.

Ngaire. out.



4 Responses

  1. Loooooooove all of the Punchinella and fibers! I bet your tree with those awesome gauchey presents look AWESOME!

  2. We have only the little tabletop tree at our house, but everything is gonna get packed up tomorrow morning and carted to Gram and Pop’s house for opening, and they have a nice big tree… I think the brown paper wrapping might look even better mixed in with everyone else’s colorful packaging. Happy Holidays, everyone!

  3. So pretty and so fun! Happy holidays, Gauche ladies! =)

  4. LOVE the corrugated strip!!! SO annoyed with myself for not thinking of it as well. 😉

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