Happy New Year! A quick peek back at projects from 2011

Hello there!

Michelle here!

I’m being distracted right now by the outrageous purr of Mae West in some random movie- that’s what I love about New Years- the movie marathons!

A.NY.WAY… today I want to share some of our past design efforts to celebrate the closing of another year. I had a hard time choosing just 1 favorite from each designer so I will show you something from each that used Gauche products in fun ways.

First up: Cheryl with a wonderful video showing us how to use Punchinella 7 different ways:

That whole putting the punchinella in the oven thing blew my brain right up- it’s so PUNK ROCK!!

What you THINK is a regular ol’ mint tin in Christina‘s purse is actually a homage to past relatives! Cue the creepy music: TUN TUN TUUUUUUN!!!

This smashing Day of The Dead tin from Christina- beads, buttons and punchinella- OH MY!

Cheryl, Chrissy and I all used the Gauche Alchemy Punchinella ribbon variety pack in our projects. Here is my first Gauche Alchemy project and one of my all time favorite pages ever.

My own totally random page using punchinella, the Wedding Night White Mixed Media Color Kit and whatever was cluttering my desktop at the time.

I LOVE the metal bits you find in the mixedmedia color kits. I used up all the upholsery tacks I found in both the Black Out and Wedding White Night Mixed Media Color kits on this page.

Past Gauche blog writer Ngaire made these BEAUTIFUL Christmas deer decorations with pre made forms, sari fabric ribbon and cord and LOTS of patience- SPECTACULAR!

In the project below Yvonne used paper from the Monstruous Mutant Robots from Outer space kit. The red reflector and “blah” sticky note are from the Scarlet Fever Red Mixed Media Color Kit.

This totally fun page is from resident simplicity and design expert Yvonne. I love that paper from Bam POP! but never knew exactly how to use it without having it compete with my photos- THANKS YVONNE!!!

Amy blew everyone away with this beautiful present for a friend that layered printed paper on wood to make a memory box that had special meaning for the recipient.

Love the color and pattern layering on the cover on this!!

Music and note print paper can be found in our Bare Nekkid Mixed Media Paper art kit. Next up are Carmen with a fantastic canvas and Wendy with a great mini book.

Carmen whipped up this inspiring mixed media canvas using a quote she found on Pinterest and Gauche punchinella as a template for background texture.

Wendy makes fantastic minis. Here she uses items from the Acme Monthly Subscription Kit and Ouchless corrugated board to whip up a meaningful log of past vacation travels.

Video maven Elina shows us how to combine the Blue Streak Mixed Media color kit, blue punchinella, mixed print paper from the Acme monthly subscription kit and an embroidery hoop to make a beautiful wall hanging as a gift or for the home.

Ouchless corrugated board is one of my favorite Gauche Alchemy products. The corrugated material Gauche offers is flexible and easy to stitch on or punch through using large simple shape punches.

Lastly (but not leastly!), Maggi knocks it right out the park with a beautiful mini canvas.

I was blown away with this mixed media mini canvas! Maggie used bee's wax, the Acme Subscription kit and a LOT of thinking outside the box. LOVE this!

Tune in next week where I will recall some projects from our many guest designers in 2011.

I hope you had a fabulous New Year’s Eve AND day and I hope 2012 brings you nothing but love, health, and happiness.

Chells out!

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4 Responses

  1. Great video on punchinella uses. I embedded some that I bought from you in my wax on plexi project. Here is a link: http://www.bloombakecreate.com/2012/01/playing-with-wax/


  2. I love seeing this “year in review” from the team! 2012 is going to be even better!

  3. Wow! Love seeing all these fabulous projects on one post! 2012 is going to be even better!

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