Year in Review- Gauche Guests for 2011

Hello Michelle here!

Here we are well into the second week of January but I’m still in review mode- nothing like a good look back at how far you’ve come to more clearly see where you are going. Holy MOLY did Gauche Alchemy have an incredible line up of  mixed media artists in 2011 or what?

Prepare for a feast for the eyes AND the mind. Links for each month and the artist’s personal website are provided in case you’d like to read further. Happy 2012!

March’s Guest designer,  Julie Fei Fan Balzer, started the party with this beautiful page:

March's guest- Julie Balzer. "Looking Forward" using the Hot For Teacher Kit

I love how Julie outlined the circle and turned all those patterns and colors in the Hot for Teacher  kit into an amazingly cohesive and unique design.

April’s Guest designer, Amy Tsuruta, made me reach for my Sizzix machine:

Amy used ouchless cardboard and items from the Gauche Acme subscription to really add dimension to this wonderfully modern ATC.

I LOVE that corrugated butterfly! I’m definitely going to try this! Amy used  Ouchless Cardboard, Scarlet Fever Red Mixed Media Color Kit and the Acme Subscription Kit. Our new Moshi Moshi kit features Japanese newsprint as well.

May’s guest designer, Julia Stainton, showed our readers how to incorporate Gauche ephemera into their projects:

Julia really hit home with this delicate and visually complex Mother's Day card. How gorgeous is that mix of beige, silver and white? LOVE!!!

Julia used clear punchinella, items from our Wedding Night White Mixed Media Kit  and papers from our Acme Subscription kit but you can reach similar results using our Bare Nekkid and Nearly Nekkid neutral tone kits.

Gauche took a small breather over the summer but came back strong in September with Dina Wakely  who rocked the house with this project using bee’s wax and paint:


Dina used the Going Postal Mail Art Mixed Media Kit– WOW!!! Just WOW!!!

In October Gauche had some fun with the Halloween theme and introduced the  Monstrous Mutant Robots from Outer Space kit and Guest artist July created several fantastically whimsical pieces:

This mini book is AWESOME. The color, the painted bits- LOVE!! Those three square brands on the bottom along with the torn and doodled edges are great details.

In November Frieda Oxenham quietly tilted the axis of my creative horizon with several projects you can check out here:

Frieda used a napkin, punchinella and corrugated cardboard to make a show stealing 10 by 10 mini quilt but it was this layered and evocative ATC that stole the show for me.

Frieda used our Bare Nekkid kit to make this ATC- the layering and red accent stitching on the leaves make for an beautifully subtle work of art .

And lastly, in December, Cat Kerr took the Knick Knack Paddy Whack Kit and ran gleefully away with it:

Absolutely, positively smashing!! Love every detail in this project!

More on Cat’s wonderfully detailed process can be read in the original post here.

There you have it. Inspired yet? I am going straight to my crafty corner after this sentence to get started on my next project- if it has an ounce of the creativity shown here I will be extremely happy.

Chells out!

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4 Responses

  1. Wowowowowow, we had so many awesome guest designers in 2011! Loved seeing all of these projects together!

  2. Me too. I can’t wait to see what our GDT’s bring us this year!

  3. Beautiful and inspiring artwork, with such a variety of styles. It was brilliant to see them all brought together.

  4. Pack with cool stuff! I loved seeing all the different works by the different artists! Inspirational!

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