Affirmation ATCs from Wendy Morris

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!

Michelle here.

We have a great video from design team member Wendy Morris. Wendy doesn’t make New Year’s Resolutions (I SO back her up on this!) they get ignored so often! Instead, Wendy proposes we use visual affirmations to keep us touch with our goals on a daily basis.

Take a look and tell us what you think:

What are your goals for this year? Show us your manifestos! Even better- make them into a project. Link them up to our Flickr page and you just might get published here!

Thanks for sharing!

I hope you have a wonderfully introspective and meaningful day!

Chells out!
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3 Responses

  1. Thanks Michelle for the write-up!!!
    This was a fun tutorial to make & hope all enjoy it! 😀
    ((hugs & peace out))

  2. I love the paper napkin kit! Was that Wonder Woman I espied in yours? WOW! Such a great idea Wendy. Love these.

  3. Just love the ATC’s. Thanks for sharing your talents.

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